Scientistic Poem (Fun For Children)

a gentleman from New Haven, Ct., lately exhibited some educational games for children.

one of them, called the “fly leaf,” is done this way:

take a sheet of writing paper, cover it on one side w/ gum mucilage;

then catch a fly, turn the fly

over on its back, [ … ]

Scientistic Poem: Feminist Critique

Charles, please discuss the ways in which contemporary research is still shackled by outmoded models

of the relationship between egg and sperm in poetic (re):production:

commitment to the Sleeping Beauty/Prince Charming model of egg & sperm in poetic re:production.

may have blinded re:searchers & theoreticians to some of the facts [ … ]

Scientistic Poem: “‘Gavagai’ and ‘Rabbits’”

It is important to think of what prompts the native’s assent to ‘Gavagai?’ as stimulations and not rabbits.

Stimulation can remain the same though the rabbit be supplanted by a counterfeit.

conversely, stimulation can vary in its power to prompt assent to ‘Gavagai’ because of variations

in angle, lighting, and [ … ]