Announcing Golden Handcuffs Review Vol. 2. Number 23: “bless thee, bottom, bless thee! thou art translated!”

featuring Transformations from Peter Hughs,  Toby Olson, George Economu,  Hank Lazer, Joe A. Porter, Paul Pines, Jesse Glass, Alec Finlay, Ariel Resnikoff, and Robert Mittenthal and Translations (and some meditations on translating) from Ian Brinton, Norman Weinstein, Che Quianzi, Jeffrey Twitchell-Waas, Robert Arellano, and Antoine Caze.

Cover art by Andrea Auge.

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Hermead Epic of Philosophers

The Hermead is an epic poem about the lives and ideas of philosophers and scientists. Currently the Hermead is 895,338 words in 124,956 lines of blank verse covering the lives of 26 Greek philosophers, presenting their biographies in epic narrative verse that explores how they developed their ideas that form the foundation of western civilization.

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