Poets, Verses, Khyber

This short piece: Poets, Verses, Khyber: appeared in the Philadelphia City Paper in July 2005, and is now preserved on Internet Archive. It announces the Poetry Incarnation ’05 reading, held at the Khyber Pass in Philadelphia on July 5, 2005 (here is a list of the 30 readers), and curated by Adam Fieled/Mike [ … ]

Meta Notes: As/Is group poetry blog

From As/Is group poetry blog, by American poet Adam Fieled, these Meta-Notes involve discussions of Apparition Poems, Cheltenham, the Philly Free School, Philadelphia, Philly architecture, and more.

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Youblisher: Bold Format: Open Library

New on Youblisher in Bold Format from American poet Adam Fieled: Disturb the Universe, Quiddities, The Trilogy Elegies.

Also, emended on Open Library: Nine Paintings (ABH), Over the Schuylkill.

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PFS Active Links from Internet Archive

These two Internet Archive pdf pages feature active links to Philly Free School texts and images:



You will find poetry, novels, paintings, photographs, graphic design and more.
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Complete Adam Fieled/Philly Free School Link Catalogue

This pdf offers a comprehensive selection of links to Philly Free School/Adam Fieled texts and images, as preserved by the archive.today site. Cover image by David:


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From the Aughts: New Hierarchies

This piece begins the work of historically contextualizing and placing the best work of the Philly Free School; also attempting a cultural critique of the Teens, and the Teens generalized response to PFS:


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Race and Vine ’14: Four Narratives Set in Philadelphia

This edition of “Race and Vine: Four Narratives Set in Philadelphia” has been re-formatted and revamped. The pieces are “Feel: An Elegy For Our Times,” “Letters to Dead Masters,” “A Poet in Center City,” and Trish.” Cover image by Mary Harju:


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Over the Schuylkill : Aughts Philly Complete

“Over the Schuylkill..” assembles several collections to showcase the very best art produced by Aughts Philly, the Philly Free School, and the Philadelphia Renaissance, including paintings, photographs, poetry, novels, criticism, and music:



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The Philadelphia Renaissance (Aughts Philly)

This pdf attempts a panoramic overview of the achievements of a group of younger artists in Philadelphia from 2000-2010:



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“The Waiting Room”

“The Waiting Room” is a collection of 2014 essays by Adam Fieled, which address Philly Free School, aesthetics, the twenty-first century, literary criticism, and literary theory. The essays have appeared in On Barcelona and elsewhere:



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Two New Essays in Full-Text

I have two new essays, in full-text form from archive.org to archive.is:

“Enlightened Elitism, Enlightened Classicism” discusses the sensibility with which Philadelphia (PFS) artists sought to invest their creations in the Aughts and after:


“Deep Noir” is an investigation of the potentialities of the formal-thematic aesthetic “noir” in a twenty-first century American art context:


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