PoMoSco Project Site Is Now Live

The  Found Poetry Review’s PoMoSco (short for poetry month scouts) project is now live at http://www.pomosco.com.

During April (National Poetry Month), 213 poets from 43 states and 12 countries will earn digital merit badges for successfully completing poetry challenges on the site, resulting in the generation of more than 6,000 [ … ]

National Poetry Month 2015 Project: PoMoSco

Registration is open through February 1, 2015,  for the Found Poetry Review’s National Poetry Month project, PoMoSco (short for Poetry Month Scouts). During the month of April, join the more than 150 poets who have already signed up for the project  in earning up to 30 merit badges for completing writing prompts [ … ]

Call for Poets: OULIPOST

The Found Poetry Review invites poets to participate in its 2014 National Poetry Month project, OULIPOST. The project enlists writers to apply a set of 30 Oulipian prompts to text sourced from their daily newspapers during the month of April.

Guidelines for Participating Poets 

Participating poets must commit to writing and posting 30 poems — one [ … ]