4325 Baltimore Avenue

The odal poem 4325 Baltimore Avenue, by American poet Adam Fieled, originally appeared in Colorado journal Many Mountains Moving in 2005. Here is the WAV file of Fieled reading the poem on Internet Archive and Audioboom, and the text itself on As/Is.

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Apparition Poems: 2nd Edition: Open Library

The 2nd Edition of Apparition Poems, which features an apologia and Abby Heller-Burnham’s “Lost Twins” as a cover image, is held in a locked Internet Archive account and now has its own page on Open Library.

Adam afieled@yahoo.com

moria poetry on the wayback machine (ia)

Moria Poetry, ed. William Allegrezza, was an Aughts web-journal based in Chicago. Moria has now been archived, in its entirety, by Internet Archive’s Wayback Machine. My pages include Apparition Poems, Equations, Returns, and Opera Bufa. I encourage others to seek out the Wayback Machine and see what (other than Moria [ … ]

PFS Active Links from Internet Archive

These two Internet Archive pdf pages feature active links to Philly Free School texts and images:



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Complete Adam Fieled/Philly Free School Link Catalogue

This pdf offers a comprehensive selection of links to Philly Free School/Adam Fieled texts and images, as preserved by the archive.today site. Cover image by David:


Adam Fieled afieled@yahoo.com