Dry Ice: Inter-Dialogism and Apparition Poems (IA)

Dry Ice: Inter-Dialogism and Apparition Poems features meta-critical analyses of Apparition Poems by American poet Adam Fieled, with an emphasis on phenomenology and its new adjunct term inter-dialogism, on Internet Archive.

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Apparition Poems: 2nd Edition: Open Library

The 2nd Edition of Apparition Poems, which features an apologia and Abby Heller-Burnham’s “Lost Twins” as a cover image, is held in a locked Internet Archive account and now has its own page on Open Library.

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Apparition Poems: Pandora (NLA)/British Library pages

These upgraded pages for Apparition Poems are drawn from the National Library of Australia’s Pandora program and from the British Library’s Web Archive: from Jacket Magazine 40, The Argotist Online, and Great Works.

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Tyger Burning on B & N.com

The inaugural issue of Tyger Burning from Marick Press, which includes several Apparition Poems as well as material from Kazim Ali, Francesco Levato, Ilya Kaminsky, Chard deNiord, and others, is available to be purchased on Barnes & Noble.com, here.

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Updated Library Thing pages

The pages for the following books by American poet Adam Fieled have brushed-up, touched-up, polished, and improved:



When You Bit…:


Apparition Poems:




Opera Bufa:


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Apparition Poems on Video from Flickr

American poet Adam Fieled released the Blazevox print book “Apparition Poems” in 2010. The Apparition Poems series has appeared in Jacket Magazine, PennSound, Great Works, Tears in the Fence, The Argotist Online, Otoliths, Tyger Burning, moria poetry, Upstairs at Duroc, the fourW Anthology, Sawbuck, Pirene’s Fountain, Diode, Cricket Online Review, and elsewhere. These two videos [ … ]

Adam Fieled: PennSound Author Page pdf

This pdf, placed on Scribd, features the Adam Fieled PennSound Author Page with active links to mp3s; portions of Apparition Poems, When You Bit, Opera Bufa, and Chimes and Returns in their entirety:


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Trilogy: Adam Fieled

Trilogy is a collection of three chapbooks (A Dozen Leaking Buckets, Twelve Mimes and Mirrors, and Blood Made Solid) by American poet Adam Fieled, which continue and extend his Apparition Poems series. Cover painting is “Oedipus and the Sphinx” by Jean-Auguste-Dominique Ingres:


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Twelve Mimes and Mirrors: A Chapbook

This is the second in the twelve-poem chapbook series of Apparition Poems I have initiated this year. The cover painting is “The Intervention of the Sabine Women” by Jacques-Louis David:


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