Announcing Golden Handcuffs Review Vol. 2. Number 23: “bless thee, bottom, bless thee! thou art translated!”

featuring Transformations from Peter Hughs,  Toby Olson, George Economu,  Hank Lazer, Joe A. Porter, Paul Pines, Jesse Glass, Alec Finlay, Ariel Resnikoff, and Robert Mittenthal and Translations (and some meditations on translating) from Ian Brinton, Norman Weinstein, Che Quianzi, Jeffrey Twitchell-Waas, Robert Arellano, and Antoine Caze.

Cover art by Andrea Auge.

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New from The Knives Forks and Spoons Press: A Charm for Survivors; Selected Painted Books and Sequences by Jesse Glass

Please take a look at my collection of liminal–performative– texts .

From the back cover:

You now hold in your hand four of my “painted theaters” and you are welcome to take them home and sit in the audience undisturbed, or climb up on the stage among the gaudy props I left there and perform. There’s [ … ]

Live at Kelly Writers House: Diaspora

The April 5, 2004 Adam Fieled performance at the Kelly Writers House on the U Penn campus in Philadelphia, as part of the Live at the Writers House series broadcast on WXPN, has now migrated to Mixriot, Mixcrate, and 8tracks.

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Reservoir Pages

Reservoir pages now exist on for the following Adam Fieled pages: Jacket 40 Apparition Poems, Argotist Online Apparition Poems, Hinge Online On Love, Great Works Apparition Poems, Nth Position debbie jaffe, Dusie Apparition Poems, Jacket 31 Apparition Poems, Blazevox Beams, Jeffrey Side/When You Bit…/Jacket 37, [ … ]

Emendations: Cheltenham, Cheltenham Elegies/Keats’ Odal Cycle: Open Library

Emendations have been made to the Open Library pages both for the ’12 Blazevox print book Cheltenham and for the ’15 Gyan Books chap Cheltenham Elegies/Keats’ Odal Cycle, which include separate editions and means to read them.

Adam Fieled

Mortuary Puppies: Outlaw Playwrights: State College Pa: February 11, 1999: Youblisher

The one-act play Mortuary Puppies, by American poet Adam Fieled, here on Youblisher, was produced by PSU’s Outlaw Playwrights in State College Pa on February 11, 1999.

Adam Fieled

From As/Is group poetry blog: October 10, 2011: Cheltenham Elegies

This jpeg on IA captures an October 10, 2011 post on the As/Is group poetry blog which debuts two Cheltenham Elegies, which later appeared in the 2012 Blazevox print book Cheltenham.


Five Major Odes (Youblisher)

This collection of five major odes by American poet Adam Fieled: On Love, Ode: On Exile, Ode On Jazz, To Bruce Nauman, To Satan, here on Youblisher, scribed between 2002 and 2016, continues pursuing the aesthetic agenda of Neo-Romanticism, which originated in Philly in the Aughts.

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American Writing: A Magazine (21)/ Siren’s Silence Fall ’98 Vol. 2 No. 3

American Writing: A Magazine and Siren’s Silence were both Philadelphia print poetry journals, operative until ’98 (Siren’s Silence) and ’02 (American Writing) respectively. Now, these pages from the two print Philly journals have been salvaged onto IA: Clean, by Adam Fieled, from SS Vol. 2 No. 3 (’98), and the cover of the [ … ]

Live Clips on Audioboom

These live clips now have individual pages on the site Audioboom: Icarus In New York (Live In Brooklyn), Clean (Live In Brooklyn), Pigs and Planes (Live In Brooklyn), Becky Grace (Live In Brooklyn), Disappear (Live In Brooklyn), and Live at the Writers House ’04 (Kelly Writers House, U Penn).


Dry Ice: Inter-Dialogism and Apparition Poems (IA)

Dry Ice: Inter-Dialogism and Apparition Poems features meta-critical analyses of Apparition Poems by American poet Adam Fieled, with an emphasis on phenomenology and its new adjunct term inter-dialogism, on Internet Archive.

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New Mudlark: Roy Bentley

New and On View: Mudlark Issue No. 58 (2015)
Saturday Afternoon at the Midland Theatre in Newark, Ohio
Poems by Roy Bentley
Roy Bentley is the author of four books of poetry and several chapbooks. Poems have appeared in journals including The Southern Review, Blackbird, Shenandoah, Indiana Review, Prairie Schooner, North American Review and elsewhere; recently, in the anthologies New Poetry [ … ]

Gyan Books: Posit-Deposit

This 2015 Gyan Books paperback edition of Posit-Deposit by American poet Adam Fieled features two intros by Fieled, and is the first print edition of Deposit, which features Manayunk Sky, also featured in fourW. Gyan Books are based in Delhi, India.

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