How to Post

There are two ways to post to the list (use whichever works best for you). These both function in the same way in that submitted posts are moderated, and once approved they post to this website and automatically repost to Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn, and also go out daily with the email digest.

Registered users can send their posts to the list via email, just like on the Buffalo Poetics List (without having to visit the website).

  • All you need to do is send your email to:
  • The subject of your email becomes the post title and the body of the email becomes the post body.
  • Make sure you are sending email from the same email account you registered with at this site, otherwise the system won’t accept it. This is to prevent spam.
  • Please note: The post via email function is just a convenience for users of the old listserv who are more comfortable posting that way. If you prefer to post directly to the website, like before, that works too.


Registered users, once logged in, will see a box in the right column titled “Account,” in which you’ll find the link “Create New Post.” Just click on that to enter the post editor, and follow the steps below.

  1. Enter the title of your post in the field at the top of the page (where you see the text “Enter title here”).
  2. Below that is the body copy box (the one with the tabs in the right corner labeled “Visual” and “Text”). Enter the body of your post here. You can write in either a visual mode, like in Microsoft Word, or a pure text mode, like the old email format (clicking on the “Visual” or “Text” tabs will toggle between both modes).
  3. Select the category your post should appear in from the “Categories” box in the right column. Please note: all posts appear on the home page, categories are just a way to allow users to better search the forum.
  4. Click the “Submit for Review” button in the “Publish” box in the right column.
  5. That’s it. A moderator will review your post and publish it in about 1 to 3 days.