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And Repeated Lately In The


By Jesse Glass


Issue 5 of Opon is live

Hi all, I’m honored to have new work in the current, absolutely beautiful issue of Opon. ( Also featuring the work of Caroline Klocksiem, Caroline Knapp, Lori Anderson Moseman, Meredith Stricker, and Jennifer Brakefield — brought to you by Brad Vogler.

I hope you’ll check it out!
-Susan [ … ]

DEVORAH: a tribute to Michelle Greenblatt, Editor and Friend

Unlikely Stories: Episode IV and Unlikely Books present DEVORAH: a tribute to Michelle Greenblatt, Editor and Friend, at

We are grateful for the opportunity to remember Michelle with the contributors to this volume: Reed Alteums, Glen Armstrong, Lana Bella, John M. Bennett, Alexandria Bryan, Charles J. Butler, Wendy Taylor Carlisle, Vincent Cellucci, Joel Chace, K.R. [ … ]

“Treated” Found Poem: All for Bosch’s Garden

All for Bosch’s Garden of Earthly Delights

‘Pieter Col, concierge of the grand mansion of the Nassau’s in Brussels , was brought to the castle in a wretched state, having been taken prisoner at the mansion there by the Chief of Justice Bolda, because from the very start he had refused to [ … ]

Artaud: Tutuguri trans. by Jesse Glass

Tutuguri: The Rite of the Black Sun


And down there it’s as if at the rise of a bitter slope,

of a cruel and desperate heart

the circle of six crosses opens

far below


fitting exactly into the mother of earth

dragged from the foul stranglehold of the mother

who dribbles


turd of black coal

is the only moist place

in that slit of rock


The [ … ]

pINK fLOYD by Fred C. Applebaum @ Delete Press

Delete Press is pleased to announce the latest in our e-series

a series of rock opera sketches
by Fred C. Applebaum

available for free at:


Delete Press is accepting unsolicited full-length poetry manuscripts for consideration until the end of the month.  Publication in 2016.  Details on are available at

Province of Numb Errs // available from BlazeVOX [books]

// new book is available for pre-order, Province of Numb Errs, from BlazeVOX [books]:

// huge thank-you to Geoffrey Gatza whose generosity in support of poetry seems to have no bounds, + Michael Farrell, Ruth Lepson, and Tyrone Williams for their kind and thoughtful commentary.

// please do consider purchasing a copy direct from the publisher.

// [ … ]

Delete Press Open Call for Manuscripts

Delete Press is accepting submissions of full-length poetry manuscripts from now until the end of the year, December 31, for print publication in 2016.


Please send your manuscript as an attachment to:


Submissions will not be read blind.

One manuscript per person.

This is not a contest.

There is no fee to submit.


Delete Press is unable to promise monetary [ … ]

Irish Poetry Blog Call for Contributions

The ten year old Irish Poetry Blog is taking contributions. Please email with poetry, prose and anything else at all.

I have had the blog since moving to Dublin in 2005, after gaining a BA in Writing Studies and Drama, in my home town’s Edge Hill University, Ormskirk, with Bob Cobbing’s obituarist, the London poet, [ … ]

New Mudlark: Roy Bentley

New and On View: Mudlark Issue No. 58 (2015)
Saturday Afternoon at the Midland Theatre in Newark, Ohio
Poems by Roy Bentley
Roy Bentley is the author of four books of poetry and several chapbooks. Poems have appeared in journals including The Southern Review, Blackbird, Shenandoah, Indiana Review, Prairie Schooner, North American Review and elsewhere; recently, in the anthologies New Poetry [ … ]

A Funny Torture I Hallucinated the Other Day [Reconstructed from Elder Notebooks] (((of Maxwell Clark)))

“Peering about panoptically is not not reconcilable with the schemata of
Hegel’s weltgeist (?) INCARNATED as the stupid fresh mode or fasces of
production translated across an intervallic extension of periods called
history, rather than spacing.[...]”

Selections from a 100 Leaf Composition Notebook [typo edited] (((of Maxwell Clark)))

excuse the false title of my previous email. —mc

On Thu, Jul 30, 2015 at 11:43 AM, Maxwell Clark <>




> “What have you to help you hold in a single thought reality and justice?”

> —Ch. Olson




Chance 1996
The Chance event made the front page of today’s (11/11/96) LA Times with a

color photo of Baudrillard who “… reads a difficult, fatalistic text

about humankind’s loss of destiny… Responsibility is not dead, it has

become violent…. Unlike truth, credibility cannot be refuted… No event

can put an end to what happens…” JB champions LA as [ … ]

“[Poets] are Conscious…” Scientistic Song

[Poets] are conscious of many historical ironies: wooden

[poets] wooden

structures are preserved by burning: garbage

structures garbage

pits survive longer than temples &

pits &

palaces, & the decay of

palaces of 

metals leads to the

metals the 

preservation of

preservation [ … ]

Peri-Unintelligible Complexities (((of Maxwell Clark)))

I know not how my more recent crops of essays became so exceedingly

unwieldy in their style, nor how so monstrously technical or

too-difficultly overworked. But it already seems quite assured to me that

they are so. Thus, however, instead of pruning back how over-burdened with

derailing flourishes these essays of mine have become, I, perhaps

altogether [ … ]

The Want of What Is to Be as Such as It Is (((of Maxwell Clark)))

“This is error-making joy, plus a fruitful unthinking, pushing idiocy into
itself as immediacy, except unfaithful to itself already, because of no
reason of which I am currently aware, or the line of zero points. [...]”