Posit 14 | Online Now

It’s an honor to announce the publication of Posit 14, featuring brilliant poetry and prose by Lydia Davis, Maureen Seaton, Tongo Eisen-Martin, Rajiv Mohabir, Joanna Fuhrman, Stephanie Berger, Sarah Riggs, Stu Watson, Joe Milazzo, Kevin McLellan, Debasis Mukhopadhyay, and Lynn Schmeidler. Also featuring extraordinary visual art by Brenda Goodman, Malala Andrialavidrazana, [ … ]

New Mudlark: Jayne Benjulian

New and On View: Mudlark Poster No. 146 (2017)

from Wilderness
by Jane Benjulian

URL: http://www.unf.edu/mudlark/posters/benjulian.html

Jayne Benjulian is the author of Five Sextillion Atoms. Her poems and essays appear widely in literary and performance journals in the U.S. and abroad. She was an Ossabaw Island Project Fellow; teaching fellow at Emory University; lecturer in the Graduate Program [ … ]

On Writing #132 : Alice Burdick,

On Writing #132 : Alice Burdick : Welcoming discomfort in poetry


coming up: Jamie Sharpe, Sacha Archer + Carla Funk,

also: Tuesday poem #217 : Jennifer Stella : dehiscence


or: many gendered mothers : A.H. Reaume on Virginia Woolf


furthermore: above/ground press backlist + rarities list #28


and: On Writing #131: Laura [ … ]

m a n y _ g e n d e r e d _ m o t h e r s : f i v e _ r e c e n t _ e s s a y s

many gendered mothers is a project on literary influence featuring short essays by writers (of any/all genders) on the women, femme, trans, and non-binary writers who have influenced them, as a direct or indirect literary forebear.

This project is directly inspired by the American website Literary Mothers, created by editor Nadxieli Nieto and managing editor Nina [ … ]

The Small Machine Talks, Episode 17

This month’s episode of the Small Machine Talks with a.m. kozak and yrs truly talks about house readings vs more public readings, curating events outside your home city, great poetry books from Book Thug, Coach House, McLelland and Stewart, Biblioasis, the list poem, poetry accessibility and a host of other topics related in some way [ … ]

The Small Machine Talks interviews Klara du Plessis

The Small Machine Talks interviews Montreal poet and editor, Klara du Plessis.

Klara du Plessis is a poet and critic. Her chapbook, Wax Lyrical, was released from Anstruther Press, 2015, and a full-length collection of multilingual poems is forthcoming from Palimpsest Press. She curates the monthly, Montreal-based Resonance Reading Series, writes reviews for Broken Pencil Magazine, [ … ]

Announcing Golden Handcuffs Review Vol. 2. Number 23: “bless thee, bottom, bless thee! thou art translated!”

featuring Transformations from Peter Hughs,  Toby Olson, George Economu,  Hank Lazer, Joe A. Porter, Paul Pines, Jesse Glass, Alec Finlay, Ariel Resnikoff, and Robert Mittenthal and Translations (and some meditations on translating) from Ian Brinton, Norman Weinstein, Che Quianzi, Jeffrey Twitchell-Waas, Robert Arellano, and Antoine Caze.

Cover art by Andrea Auge.

For more on this issue as [ … ]

New Mudlark: Daniel Becker

New and On View: Mudlark Flash No. 120 (2017)

Goals of Care and You’re Welcome
Poems by Daniel Becker

Daniel Becker practices and teaches internal medicine at the University of Virginia School of Medicine.

Spread the word. Far and wide,

William Slaughter

An Electronic Journal of Poetry & Poetics
Never in and never out of print…
E-mail: mudlark@unf.edu
URL: http://www.unf.edu/mudlark


New from The Knives Forks and Spoons Press: A Charm for Survivors; Selected Painted Books and Sequences by Jesse Glass

Please take a look at my collection of liminal–performative– texts http://www.knivesforksandspoonspress.co.uk/charmforsurvivor.html .

From the back cover:

You now hold in your hand four of my “painted theaters” and you are welcome to take them home and sit in the audience undisturbed, or climb up on the stage among the gaudy props I left there and perform. There’s [ … ]

New Otoliths 45 Out with Rexroth writings, great literary works in a myriad of styles by fine writers, and “New Century Skeltonics for Jack Kerouac: a Ted Talk” by Jesse Glass

Otoliths 45 is live!  “New Century Skeltonics for Jack Kerouac: a Ted Talk”–with a new song from Shoulder-Holster’s “Empty For You–Shoulder-Holster Unplugged.”  http://the-otolith.blogspot.jp/2017/02/jesse-glass.html. is a critique of the Beat Industry which continues to churn out ‘newly discovered’ Kerouac items that add little or nothing to this fine writer’s legacy.  The latest example is the Library of [ … ]

NationalPoetryMonth.ca 2017: A Celebration of Women – thank you

In April 2017, work published on NationalPoetryMonth.ca was viewed over 22,000 times and we’re not finished counting yet. Note that these poems, video-poems, asemic writing pieces, visual poems, paintings and collages will be on line until February 28, 2018. Please visit http://nationalpoetrymonth.ca.

Thank you

to our contributors:

Roua Aljied, Karen Massey, Ellen Wiener, Reema, Lin Tarczynski,  sophie [ … ]

The ‘Carroll County Anthology’ by Jesse Glass is available at Bill and Kate Lantry’s The Peacock Journal

This is a collection of dramatic monologues based on the lives of 19th century residents of Carroll County, Maryland, and historical documentation of same.  Click here to read it and many other fine issues of this great web magazine whose editors believe  in beauty in all its forms.  http://peacockjournal.com/jesse-glass-carroll-county-anthology/

Three Pieces from ‘Nothing Epic: The Complete Gaha Noas Zorge (Babes of the Abyss)’ up at John Tranter’s Journal of Poetics Reserach, March Issue

As Jesse Glass states in the final part of the final section of the final form of the introduction:


‘Finally, I view the resulting

                            mixture of words

                         you now hold in your hand

as an apotropaic venture:

                                    by bending the infernal peat iron

                  of famous grimoires into [ … ]

The Small Machine Talks – VERSeFest special – Episode 14

Dear friends,
Please listen to the VERSeFest special episode of the Small Machine Talks in which we interview Canadian (and an American) poets Jamaal Jackson Rogers, Stephen Collis, Chris Johnson, bill bissett, Paisley Rekdal, Brandon Wint, Ben Ladouceur, Eva HD, Michael Dennis, Kayla Czaga.
and further info: https://angelhousepress.com

yr fallen angel,
Amanda Earl

New Mudlark: Diane DeCillis

New and On View: Mudlark Flash No. 111 (2017)

Diane De Cillis

“The Fist on Jefferson Avenue Meets Isaac Newton” and “Close”

Diane DeCillis writes at her desk in West Bloomfield, Michigan. Her poetry collection, Strings Attached (Wayne State UP, 2014), is a Michigan Notable Book for 2015, won The 2015 Next Generation Indie [ … ]

Word For/Word #29

The 29th issue of Word For/Word is now online at www.wordforword.info. It features work by Devon Balwit, Liz Chereskin, George Kalamaras, Erica Pepin, Jake Syersak, John Lowther, Kristina Marie Darling, Marcia Arrieta, Joel Chace, Erick Verran, Logan Fry, John Myers, Ted Warnell, W. Scott Howard, Robert Yerachmiel Snyderman, Billy Cancel, Andrew Brenza, Julia Madsen, plus [ … ]

CFP: Creative Writing II, Poetry at MMLA 2017 – Deadline Extended to 4/15/17

The Creative Writing II: Poetry section of the Midwest Modern Language Association is accepting proposals for scholarly and literary presentations that examine, complicate, or challenge concepts of poetry as an act of resistance.

We welcome papers, poetry, and digital poetics projects. We are especially interested in critical-creative works that are socially conscious and politically engaged.

Please send [ … ]

NationalPoetryMonth.ca 2017: A Celebration of Women has begun

Happy National Poetry Month, friends and angels,

AngelHousePress presents NationalPoetryMonth.ca 2017 – A celebration of women; we begin with Primary Colours, a video by spoken word artist Roua Aljied, aka Philosi-fire. Please watch this gorgeous video http://www.nationalpoetrymonth.ca/

Roua Aljied is a biomedical engineering student and spoken word poet who is passionate about writing, social justice, and people. [ … ]

Interview with poet, feminist, lawyer, Natalie Hanna

Dear friends,

here’s the latest episode in the Small Machine Talks in which we interview Ottawa poet, feminist, lawyer Natalie Hanna.

Natalie has some fascinating things to say about the merging of politics with poetry, about writing for oneself and she even breaks briefly into song. It’s a great interview. I hope you tune in.


for a full [ … ]

Posit 13 | Online Now

Announcing Posit 13!

Featuring new poetry and prose by Rae Armantrout, G. C. Waldrep, Anselm Berrigan, Dennis Barone, Matthew Burns, James Capozzi, Rob Cook, Gregory Crosby, Julia Leverone, Caolan Madden, F. Daniel Rzicznek, Alina Stefanescu. With visual art by Nathan Brujis, Jeanne Heifetz, Eva Kwong, Greely Myatt, and Brian Sargent. And [ … ]

Tuesday poem #206 : Cody-Rose Clevidence

Tuesday poem #206 : Cody-Rose Clevidence : from Poppycock & Assphodel


coming up: Brian Henderson, Adrienne Gruber + bp sutton,

also: many gendered mothers: Elee Kraljii Gardiner on Betsy Warland


furthermore: I’ve a chapbook next month with words(on)pages:


beyond that: new from above/ground press: Stephen Collis, FIRST SKETCH OF A POEM

I WILL NOT [ … ]

The Small Machine Talks, Episode 12

The Small Machine Talks, Episode 12
with Amanda Earl, a.m. kozak and special guest Natalie Hanna

Recorded on Sunday, March 12, 2017


The Small Machine Talks explores the poetry scene of Central Canada and beyond. The podcast takes place every two weeks, give or take.


We discuss Aaron’s trip to Iceland and its literary enthusiasm, his avoidance [ … ]

Nerve Lantern issue 10

Announcing the release of Nerve Lantern issue 10

Enjoy 94 pages of exciting performance texts.

Contributors: Joel Chace • Marcus Civin • Ben Haddix • Stephanie Heit • Lucien Herzog • Dennis Leroy Kangalee • LuLu LoLo • Hannah Rodabaugh • Steven Salmoni • Barbara Schwartz • Laura-Marie Taylor • Zhang Er

Visual Art: Krista Graham

For more [ … ]

New Mudlark: Roger Mitchell

New and On View: Mudlark Poster No. 143 (2017)

The Hatchet of the Minute
Poems by Roger Mitchell

Besides The One Good Bite in the Saw-Grass Plant, Roger Mitchell is the author of ten other books of poetry, among them Lemon Peeled the Moment Before: New and Selected Poems. Two previous books include Half/Mask (2007) and Delicate [ … ]

New Mudlark: Edward Harkness

New and On View: Mudlark Flash No. 110 (2017)

by Edward Harkness

Edward Harkness is the author of two full-length poetry collections, Saying the Necessary, 2000, and Beautiful Passing Lives, 2010, both from Pleasure Boat Studio. His poems can be found online in Atticus Review, Cascadia Review, Hinchas de Poesia, Rat’s Ass Journal, Split Lip Magazine [ … ]

AngelHousePress Presents The Small Machine Talks Episode 11 with Ian Martin

The Small Machine Talks Interview
with a.m. kozak, Amanda Earl and Ian Martin
Recorded on February 5, 2017


We talk about the anniversary of Ian’s chapbook, Climbing Out of Other People’s Hands (In/Words Press, 2016). We discuss the humour of Ian’s writing, comedy as a way of dealing with depressing subject matter, the zany fourth wall breaking comedy [ … ]