David Trinidad on Radio Free Albion

New on Radio Free Albion: David Trinidad talks about his book, /Notes on
a Past Life/ (BlazeVOX [books], 2016):


“I learned the term
/intimism/: a practice
among painters
of selecting as
subject matter
familiar or inti-
mate scenes or
occasions from
their everyday
life. This applies
to literature, too.
Nice that there’s
a [ … ]

Lee Ann Roripaugh on Radio Free Albion

Hi everyone–

After a six-week summer break, Radio Free Albion returns with Lee Ann
Roripaugh, talking about her most recent book, /Dandarians/:


Also, if you live in the Chicago area, make sure to come to Lee’s
reading on Wed., Oct. 8, at Columbia College Chicago (618 S. Michigan,
Stage Two, second floor). [ … ]