Year Eleven August POetry POstcard Fest

Registration is now under way for the 11th annual *August Poetry Postcard
Fest*. Signup, get on a list of 32 and write 31 original poems onto
postcards before August 31. Details:

And also see the link to registration for the 5th *Cascadia Poetry Festival*
in Tacoma, Oct 12-15, 2017, with Michael McClure, Patricia Smith, [ … ]

American Prophets

Poet interviews can now be heard online:

*The essential core of any project is to open. Open, open, open. Create a
state of total nakedness, an anima mundi, a connection with the world-soul
that is non-judgmental and quick to excite. It’s not always pleasant The
intelligible world, the world of the familiar, the world in [ … ]