Gaius Licinius Macer Calvus


ASCII Toga ’84

remarkably learned ankles


and fled the country
its hard and laborious

the hours

in which its Sardinian rotten head became
a marriage to charters

a vague white nymph that cuts the nail


Italian before the tosses

beautiful VERONA Vergiliad

He taught the laws
of the holy and dear shapes
of the bodies of the marriage, and built [ … ]

mixing legibles

for over a year on my blog, Jellybean Weirdo w/ Electric Snake Fang

I have been working loosely with an ‘unconstrained’ constraint, namely writing to film stills.

This includes working with paratactical and paratextual elements, and it includes as well, a poetics of mediality,

or blogpoiesis as an example of  ’in mediality res’ as exemplified by Paul DeNicola’s [ … ]