A Funny Torture I Hallucinated the Other Day [Reconstructed from Elder Notebooks] (((of Maxwell Clark)))


“Peering about panoptically is not not reconcilable with the schemata of
Hegel’s weltgeist (?) INCARNATED as the stupid fresh mode or fasces of
production translated across an intervallic extension of periods called
history, rather than spacing.[...]”


Selections from a 100 Leaf Composition Notebook [typo edited] (((of Maxwell Clark)))

excuse the false title of my previous email. —mc

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> “What have you to help you hold in a single thought reality and justice?”

> —Ch. Olson


> http://06515.blogspot.com/2015/07/selections-from-100-leaf-composition.html


Peri-Unintelligible Complexities (((of Maxwell Clark)))


I know not how my more recent crops of essays became so exceedingly

unwieldy in their style, nor how so monstrously technical or

too-difficultly overworked. But it already seems quite assured to me that

they are so. Thus, however, instead of pruning back how over-burdened with

derailing flourishes these essays of mine have become, I, perhaps

altogether [ … ]

The Want of What Is to Be as Such as It Is (((of Maxwell Clark)))


“This is error-making joy, plus a fruitful unthinking, pushing idiocy into
itself as immediacy, except unfaithful to itself already, because of no
reason of which I am currently aware, or the line of zero points. [...]”


A Patois of Infinity (((of Maxwell Clark)))


(((complex grammatological research into the non-terminological name of
“infinity”. my prose style, if you will, in this essay resembles a mix of
Derrida and Henry James, except exceedingly more concise (see: Ben
Franklin)—i.e. extremely difficult, but very short.)))


Legal Briefing for Kenneth Goldsmith (((by Devlin Grunloh and Maxwell Clark)))


“Verily, I swear, tis better to be lowly born,
and range with humble livers in content,
than to be perk’d up in a glistrning grief
and wear and wear a golden sorrow.”
—Shakespeare, Henry VIII, Act. 2, Scene 3


Nobody Not a Restless Static Deathliness Fugue (((of Maxwell Clark)))


“Objects projected on a screen are inherently reflexive, they occur as
self-referential, reflecting upon their physical origins. Their presence
refers to their absence, their location in another place. Then if in
relation to objects capable of such self-manifestation human beings are
reduced in significance, or crushed by the fact of beauty left vacant,
perhaps [ … ]

New Swirl Mag online chapbook



+ an excerpt from the Editors’ blog:

“i’m happy to announce that swirl editions has

published Of You by Maxwell Clark.

he submitted it before i set the unnegotiable limit of 50 pages for e-books

but i think i would have made an exception anyway because i really like the

baroque wildness of it

these were the 4 e-books waiting [ … ]

((("we"))) by Maxwell Clark


by Maxwell Clark

—*and Friends*


i should be writing philosophy proper, except i already am.


.””.’;… .””.’;… :::::’:’:”;;:’;… : : ; : :: .””.’;…

.:::::’:’:”;;:’;… : : ; : :: .””.’;… .””.’;…

SEE theE (((genealogical infinity of:))) PRE-SOCRATICS::::::

::::’:’:”;;:’;… : : ; : :: :

::::’:’:”;;:’;… : : ; : :: :::::’:’:”;;:’;… : : ; : ::

:::::’:’:”;;:’;… : : ; : :: [ … ]

Hardcore (((poesy)))

by Maxwell Clark

Gully, 1am, piano raves flurry
The intrication of what is, roll 20x,
Jesus’d zoom-ups, hi-crashes—
C’mon and hurt somebody—on and on,
Then cut wavedeeps out, asphyxiate of
Blessed inhalants, or that, or
C’mon and hurt-dance to
Energon, it’s colonialism
So polite, so beastie, as such,
Likes ur “babycakes”, she is
Virtual, like [ … ]