Announcing a journal of translation

Jacataqua, “home” to an anthology of American poetry ( and French translations of Barrett Watten’s Plasma / Parallels / “X”, Lyn Hejinian’s Gesualdo and Ron Silliman’s Albany, is happy to announce publication of a pdf journal and shorter, bi-monthly, chapbook-like bulletins. The journal’s name changes every issue, Tom Clark style.

Issue #1 - Jongler 1 [ … ]

A question on Leslie Scalapino’s “leg, a play”

Hello, all,

The book in which Leslie Scalapino’s play “leg” was published, Crowd and not evening or light (O Books / Sun & Moon Press, 1992), states , rather tersely :

“The play leg was performed by the Poets Theater”

and nothing else.

Would anyone have more information on this : when the play was produced, who directed it, played [ … ]