Sky on Sky + Shadowing Duchamp

Some recent photos on Rogue Embryo:

Sky on Sky

Shadowing Duchamps Readymades

Camille Martin




"My Most Beautiful Poems": a video tribute

New at Rogue Embryo:

“My Most Beautiful Poems”: a video tribute to Robert Zend at Cobourg’s TEXTual ARTivity

Camille Martin




TEXTual ARTivity (vispo exhibit) to open April 1

The first (hopefully first annual) vispo exhibit curated by piCs will be held during April at The Human Bean coffeehouse in Cobourg, Ontario, about an hour east of Toronto.

piCs = Poetry in Cobourg Spaces, a group of dedicated poets doing some amazing things for poetry in a small town.

One of my “ransom note” collages will [ … ]

Citizen of the Macrocosm

Final installment of my series on the life and work of Robert Zend:

Afterword: Citizen of the Macrocosm

Actually, there is one more very important matter, about which I’m very excited . . . a special announcement about a beautiful website for Zend, recently created by his daughter Natalie Zend. Stay tuned . . .

Zend: Gaskets, Thumbtacks, Toilet Paper Rolls . . . and Doodles

My series on Robert Zend draws to an end with a visual feast of his art:
“Gaskets, Thumbtacks, Toilet Paper Rolls . . . and Doodles.”

I hope you enjoy it. Some of these works have not been seen publicly for a very long time, if ever.



An 8-Ball for Magritte, concrete origami poems, haiku

A new installment in the Zend series:

Next: Gaskets, Thumbtacks, Toilet Paper Rolls: Mixed Media and Found Objects

Camille Martin




The Italian Connection (Leopardi and Pirandello)

A new installment on the life and work of Robert Zend:
The Italian Connection – Leopardi and Pirandello

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Robert Zend and Marcel Marceau

Part 10 of my series on the life and work of Robert Zend is now online.

Highlights: a photo of Zend playing chess with Marceau on a chess set of Zend’s own design, and Zend’s butterfly-shaped concrete poem with a dead-end swastika . . .



Actually, I should have written Oab . . . –Borges to Zend

I appreciate all the kind words from people who are enjoying my series on

Robert Zend! Here’s the next installment:

Robert Zend and Jorge Luis Borges: friendship and collaboration (Part 9)

Now I know why you came here

from the other end of the world.

Actually, I should have written Oāb . . .

— Borges to Zend


“If I were a gallery curator, Robert Zend would pose a problem.” – Glenn Gould

I hope you’re enjoying my series on this great and cosmic Canadian original. This is the last post on Zend’s *Canadian* affinities:

Zend, Part 8: The Three Roberts (Sward, Priest, and Zend), Norman McLaren, and Glenn Gould

Don’t miss Sward’s lovely tribute to The Three Knights of a Roberthood, and Gould’s hilarious salute to Zend’s resistance [ … ]

Robert Zend & bpNichol: typewriter art, concrete poetry, and more

Robert Zend, Part 7 is now live at Rogue Embryo:

Canadian Literary Cross-Pollination: bpNichol

Lots of terrific visuals! The link:

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Robert Zend, Lucifer’s time machine, and the Budapest Joke

Hi, everybody. “Robert Zend: Hungarian Literary Roots” is now online at Rogue Embryo:

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Sugar Beach, new chap by Camille Martin

My new chapbook, Sugar Beach, is now available from Above/Ground Press.
Sample poem and ordering info below:

Identity as Norwegian Pagoda

It never was the right time to travel to Rome
to find yourself. Autumn fog and rainy wind
are symbols of crushed hopes–miasma
birthing counterfeiters who clutter the globe
with shields of Sistine junk. Praise the [ … ]