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Free pdf of my long dialog with Andrew David King, “Too Philosophical for a Poet,” from the new issue of boundary 2, compliments of Duke University Press.

Gertrude and Alice in Vichyland“: my long final contribution to the Stein Dossier at Jacket2, chronicling the historical context of the  disinformation campaign against Stein .

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Charles Bernstein and Penelope Galey-Sacks [Interview]: Poetry’s club-foot: process, faktura, intensification

Transcription of a conversation in a Paris café, March 24, 2012
first published in Études anglaises (#2, 2012). In new Australian Journal, Poetics Research. 

“But really what we were doing, with our emphasis on method, was not turning away from process, but opening onto an expanded field of process. It’s still process not product. You still don’t know [ … ]

Peter Waterhouse, Charles Bernstein, Rosmarie Waldrop at Harvard, April 8 and 9, 2014

Two videos linked here

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Seminar with Charles Bernstein & Peter Waterhouse on  the poetics of transduction, substitution, and transformation, as well as the political role that translation can play as a site of activism and engagement. April 9, 2014.


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