2017: A Celebration of Women

It’s early days, but I’ve decided that 2017 will be a celebration of women: women of colour, indigenous women, trans women, the famous, the notorious, the well known, the unknown, the forgotten, the murdered, the abused, the healing, family members, friends, women from all sexual orientations, all walks and stations of life, all ages, [ … ]

AngelHousePress Presents The Small Machine Talks, Episode 4

AngelHousePress presents the 4th episode of The Small Machine Talks with a.m. kozak and Amanda Earl in which we explore the poetry scene of central Canada.

This time around the episode is in 2 parts because it’s mega long.

Part 1 features an interview with Bywords 2015 John Newlove Award recipient, Ronald Seatter, news about recent poetry [ … ]

AngelHousePress Presents “The Small Machine Talks” Episode 3

The Small Machine Talks, Episode 3 hosted by a.m. kozak & Amanda Earl,

with special guest, Jennifer Pederson. Recorded on Sunday, September 4, 2016

Click here to to listen to episode 3.

We explain the name of the podcast. Anne Carson’s influence. Jennifer talks of Eliot, Ginsberg and Ottawa poets. Jennifer tells us about a brand new initiative for [ … ]

AngelHousePress Podcast Episode 2 is now on line

Podcast – Episode 2 (recorded on August 14, 2016)

Please click here to listen to podcast.

Note that numbers in parenthesis represent start of section; you can fast forward to each part at will)


We grill Ottawa poet and editor, Chris Johnson about his writing, event-attending habits and motivations, posting poems on Tumblr, [ … ]

AngelHousePress Podcast, Episode 1

Announcing the AngelHousePress Podcast hosted by Amanda Earl & a.m. kozak
an hour-long conversation about (mostly) poetry in Canada & beyond

Amanda Earl writes poetry, fiction, and tumblr posts about sex, loneliness, art & mischief makers. She’s the managing editor of and the fallen angel of AngelHousePress. More info can be found at

a.m. kozak [ … ]

Announcing A Close Reading Service for New Women Poets


A Close Reading Service

for New Women Poets


WHAT:           I will read five pages of your free verse or prose poetry, offer editing suggestions and possibly suggest poetry to read;

WHO:             new poets, not yet published with a press (chapbook or spine), who identify as women; must be avid readers of contemporary poetry;

HOW:             send poetry to [ … ] 2016 – thank you

Thanks to everyone who took part in 2016: all who sent poems and shared the work via social media, blogs and e-mails or commented on the work. Thanks to rob mclennan for the feature in OpenBookToronto. And huge thanks and appreciation to this year’s contributors:

Gary Barwin (Canada), Jason Christie, (Canada), michèle provost (Canada), [ … ]

(De)Coding Beauty: a conversation/interview about concrete poetry with S. Cearley

In the latest offering for the AngelHousePress Essay Series, i talk to S. Cearley about his concrete poetry and influences. Included in the interview are four of his marvelous works. 

Please visit to read the interview and check out other contributions to the series, [ … ]

AngelHousePress presents

AngelHousePress is pleased to present 2016, a month-long exaltation of poetry that transcends boundaries. In the next 30 days, please visit the site for sound poetry, visual poetry, asemic writing and poetry from Argentina, Brazil, Canada, Finland, India, Italy, Romania, Tunisia, UK and USA.

Thanks to everyone who sent work for the celebration. I [ … ]

AngelHousePress Presents “Sum: World Maps” by Gil McElroy

“Sum: World Maps” by Gil McElroy

In “Sum: Word Maps,” Gil McElroy offers a systematic and creative form of (dis)organization of text into visual poems in analogy with living organisms in order to free text from meaning, metaphor and connotation.

Thanks to Gil for his essay. I invite you to send me your essays, rants, manifestos, interviews, [ … ]

the non-Concrete Manifesto of Concrete Poetry by S. Cearley

In the latest from the AngelHousePress essay series, S. Cearley suggests that concrete poetry can be seen as a misunderstood grammar, a form that creates its own symbol, and is communicative as an expression of language. He makes an illustrative analogy with the language shared between aliens and humans in Close Encounters of the Third Kind.


yr [ … ]

latest essay from AngelHousePress – jim leftwich on asemic writing

In “asemic writing: recent history and ongoing research” jim leftwich questions the common definition of asemic writing as having no specific semantic content and discusses its readability while exploring the form as experimental textual poetry rather than as visual poetry or writing.

yr fallen angel,

Amanda Earl

ps-poetry wanted for; due Feb. 28, 2016 -see guidelines at [ … ]

AngelHousePress wants yr essays, rants, statements, etc

You’re invited to send essays, rants, manifestos, responses, interviews, reviews, artistic statements for consideration for the AngelHousePress essay series. The work can be unpublished or previously published as long as you hold copyright. The site contains prose from writers and artists in Canada, USA, Europe and Australia.

Please send pdf files with bio appended at the [ … ] call for submissions

I invite you to send me poems and visual poems for consideration for the April 2016  issue of This year I’ve opted for a free-for-all approach. Send whatever you like. Let’s see what sticks to the internet.

The DEADLINE is February 28, 2016.

Send poems to Amanda at angelhousepress dot com .

Visual poems must [ … ]

jettison/collapse by Francesco Levato

jettison/collapse by Francesco Levato

AngelHousePress is pleased to present jettison/collapse by Francesco Levato, a mash-up of poetry, linguistics and critical/cultural theory. Imagine Ferdinand de Saussure colliding with Walt Whitman or Emily Dickinson in a fender bender with Benedetto Croce. The result is as delightful as peanut butter and chocolate, and ice cream in July. Levato’s mash-up [ … ]

phases of the harpsichord moon by gary barwin

AngelHousePress is pleased to present “phases of the harpsichord moon” by Gary Barwin, a rerelease of his first chapbook, and his first individual publication, published by Gary’s micropress, serif of nottingham in 1985 when he was 21. We fallen angels are pleased to be part of this heavenly harpsichordacious delight where Laura Secord fugues with [ … ], a month of visual poetry

AngelHousePress presents 2015, 30 days of visual poetry, asemic writing, concrete poetry, collage, and hybrid visual pieces from Belgium, Brazil, Canada, Finland, India, Ireland, Japan, Portugal, Russia, Ukraine, USA. Visit the site each day in April to see work that blurs genres and transcends boundaries. Welcome to the nation of poetry.

first AngelHousePress essay of 2015: rout/e by Chris Turnbull

First essay of 2015: Chris Turnbull writes about her rout/e project, in which she places poetry in the great outdoors.

If you have an essay, note, manifesto, rant, artistic or poetic statement, review or interview you’d like to contribute to the series, please let me know. 2015 – invitation to submit visual poetry

for this year’s,  i’ve decided April 2015′s should be entirely devoted to the publication of visual poetry.

i invite you to contribute visual poems, asemic writing, collages, book art and concrete poems.

please send high resolution JPGs (1200 pixels on the longest side), a short bio and a photograph to me by February 28, 2015. [ … ]

AngelHousePress Presents Experiment-O Issue 7

I’m pleased to announce the release of Experiment-O Issue 7, featuring art, poetry, visual poetry & prose from contributors from five countries, including Elizabeth Bertoldi, Volodymyr Bilyk, Selina Boan, Craig Calhoun, Ariel Gonzalez Losada, MARGENTO, a rawlings & Sachiko Murakami, sven staelens, Carol Stetser, Tom Walmsley and Liz Worth.

experiment-o is an annual PDF magazine established [ … ]