The Small Machine Talks, Episode 17

This month’s episode of the Small Machine Talks with a.m. kozak and yrs truly talks about house readings vs more public readings, curating events outside your home city, great poetry books from Book Thug, Coach House, McLelland and Stewart, Biblioasis, the list poem, poetry accessibility and a host of other topics related in some way [ … ]

The Small Machine Talks interviews Klara du Plessis

The Small Machine Talks interviews Montreal poet and editor, Klara du Plessis.

Klara du Plessis is a poet and critic. Her chapbook, Wax Lyrical, was released from Anstruther Press, 2015, and a full-length collection of multilingual poems is forthcoming from Palimpsest Press. She curates the monthly, Montreal-based Resonance Reading Series, writes reviews for Broken Pencil Magazine, [ … ] 2017: A Celebration of Women – thank you

In April 2017, work published on was viewed over 22,000 times and we’re not finished counting yet. Note that these poems, video-poems, asemic writing pieces, visual poems, paintings and collages will be on line until February 28, 2018. Please visit

Thank you

to our contributors:

Roua Aljied, Karen Massey, Ellen Wiener, Reema, Lin Tarczynski,  sophie [ … ]

The Small Machine Talks – VERSeFest special – Episode 14

Dear friends,
Please listen to the VERSeFest special episode of the Small Machine Talks in which we interview Canadian (and an American) poets Jamaal Jackson Rogers, Stephen Collis, Chris Johnson, bill bissett, Paisley Rekdal, Brandon Wint, Ben Ladouceur, Eva HD, Michael Dennis, Kayla Czaga.
and further info:

yr fallen angel,
Amanda Earl 2017: A Celebration of Women has begun

Happy National Poetry Month, friends and angels,

AngelHousePress presents 2017 – A celebration of women; we begin with Primary Colours, a video by spoken word artist Roua Aljied, aka Philosi-fire. Please watch this gorgeous video

Roua Aljied is a biomedical engineering student and spoken word poet who is passionate about writing, social justice, and people. [ … ]

Interview with poet, feminist, lawyer, Natalie Hanna

Dear friends,

here’s the latest episode in the Small Machine Talks in which we interview Ottawa poet, feminist, lawyer Natalie Hanna.

Natalie has some fascinating things to say about the merging of politics with poetry, about writing for oneself and she even breaks briefly into song. It’s a great interview. I hope you tune in.

for a full [ … ]

The Small Machine Talks, Episode 12

The Small Machine Talks, Episode 12
with Amanda Earl, a.m. kozak and special guest Natalie Hanna

Recorded on Sunday, March 12, 2017

The Small Machine Talks explores the poetry scene of Central Canada and beyond. The podcast takes place every two weeks, give or take.


We discuss Aaron’s trip to Iceland and its literary enthusiasm, his avoidance [ … ]

AngelHousePress Presents The Small Machine Talks Episode 11 with Ian Martin

The Small Machine Talks Interview
with a.m. kozak, Amanda Earl and Ian Martin
Recorded on February 5, 2017

We talk about the anniversary of Ian’s chapbook, Climbing Out of Other People’s Hands (In/Words Press, 2016). We discuss the humour of Ian’s writing, comedy as a way of dealing with depressing subject matter, the zany fourth wall breaking comedy [ … ]

Reminder: 2017

Dear poets and visual poets and artists,
So far i’ve received around 30 poems/visual pieces for 2017, A Celebration of Women. Please see the guidelines and send me something by the end of February:

I want to be able to provide our audience with variety and range of poetry and visual poetry from all over [ … ]

The Small Machine Talks, Episode 9, Interview with Sarah MacDonell

Episode 9 – Interview with Sarah MacDonell

The Clock Tower Pub, January 25, 2017


We discuss Sarah’s chapbook “The Lithium Body” published by In/Words Press, her collaboration with American artist Evy Borkan, large and small geologies, the relationship with language, what it’s like working with editor, a.m. kozak. Sarah talks about the way the work is a [ … ]

The Small Machine Talks, Episode 8, Interview with Claire Farley

Please listen to the latest episode in the Small Machine Talks, a podcast that explores the poetry scene of Central Canada and beyond.

We talk to Claire Farley about her poetry and editing duties and the mandate for Canthius, a feminist magazine exclusive to women and nonbinary contributors. We discuss expansive and inclusive feminism. We talk [ … ]

AngelHousePress – Episode 7 of the Small Machine Talks

AngelHousePress presents a new episode of The Small Machine Talks with a.m.kozak and Amanda Earl and special guest, Claire Farley

Episode 7, The Small Machine Talks, recorded Sunday, January 8, 2017 with a.m. kozak, Amanda Earl and special guest, Claire Farley

0.00 INTRODUCTION: We welcome Claire Farley, who we will interview in the next episode. We discuss [ … ]

Call for submissions for 2017

Happy 2017, friends of AngelHousePress,

Here’s the call for 2017. It’s a bit different this year in that we have a theme. Please send work as soon as you can. I’m hoping to have a balance of 15 visual pieces/poems & 15 text-based poems.

ANGELHOUSEPRESS PRESENTS 2017 – A Celebration of Women 2017 will be [ … ]

The Small Machine Talks, Episode 6 – Interview with dalton derkson

Please tune in to episode 6 of The Small Machine Talks, a podcast that explores the poetry scene in Central Canada & beyond, hosted by Amanda Earl and a.m. kozak

in this episode Amanda interviews dalton derkson.

at the ClockTower Pub before his featured reading at the In/Words Reading Series on Wednesday, November 30, 2016 (25 minutes)


Click [ … ]

AngelHousePress Presents Experiment-O, Issue 9.0

Experiment-O, Issue 9 features poetry, art, asemic writing and visual poetry from Argentina, Canada, Tunisia and USA:

You can also access the site & download the issue on your smart phones.

Thanks to the contributors: Sacha Archer, Dominic Boucher, J.C Bouchard, Joel Chace, Nathan Dueck, Carrie Hunter, Jenny MacBain-Stephens, J.F. Martel, Mado Reznik, Sarah [ … ]

The Small Machine Talks, Episode 5

AngelHousePress presents Episode 5 of “The Small Machine Talks,” a podcast that explores the poetry scene of Central Canada and beyond, co-hosted by Amanda Earl and a.m.kozak.

a.m. kozak and Amanda Earl discuss recent and upcoming poetry events, events they would have liked to have attended, pataphysics, glitch poetry, glitch hop, accessibility in poetry, interactive art [ … ] 2017: A Celebration of Women

It’s early days, but I’ve decided that 2017 will be a celebration of women: women of colour, indigenous women, trans women, the famous, the notorious, the well known, the unknown, the forgotten, the murdered, the abused, the healing, family members, friends, women from all sexual orientations, all walks and stations of life, all ages, [ … ]

AngelHousePress Presents The Small Machine Talks, Episode 4

AngelHousePress presents the 4th episode of The Small Machine Talks with a.m. kozak and Amanda Earl in which we explore the poetry scene of central Canada.

This time around the episode is in 2 parts because it’s mega long.

Part 1 features an interview with Bywords 2015 John Newlove Award recipient, Ronald Seatter, news about recent poetry [ … ]

AngelHousePress Presents “The Small Machine Talks” Episode 3

The Small Machine Talks, Episode 3 hosted by a.m. kozak & Amanda Earl,

with special guest, Jennifer Pederson. Recorded on Sunday, September 4, 2016

Click here to to listen to episode 3.

We explain the name of the podcast. Anne Carson’s influence. Jennifer talks of Eliot, Ginsberg and Ottawa poets. Jennifer tells us about a brand new initiative for [ … ]

AngelHousePress Podcast Episode 2 is now on line

Podcast – Episode 2 (recorded on August 14, 2016)

Please click here to listen to podcast.

Note that numbers in parenthesis represent start of section; you can fast forward to each part at will)


We grill Ottawa poet and editor, Chris Johnson about his writing, event-attending habits and motivations, posting poems on Tumblr, [ … ]

AngelHousePress Podcast, Episode 1

Announcing the AngelHousePress Podcast hosted by Amanda Earl & a.m. kozak
an hour-long conversation about (mostly) poetry in Canada & beyond

Amanda Earl writes poetry, fiction, and tumblr posts about sex, loneliness, art & mischief makers. She’s the managing editor of and the fallen angel of AngelHousePress. More info can be found at

a.m. kozak [ … ]

Announcing A Close Reading Service for New Women Poets


A Close Reading Service

for New Women Poets


WHAT:           I will read five pages of your free verse or prose poetry, offer editing suggestions and possibly suggest poetry to read;

WHO:             new poets, not yet published with a press (chapbook or spine), who identify as women; must be avid readers of contemporary poetry;

HOW:             send poetry to [ … ] 2016 – thank you

Thanks to everyone who took part in 2016: all who sent poems and shared the work via social media, blogs and e-mails or commented on the work. Thanks to rob mclennan for the feature in OpenBookToronto. And huge thanks and appreciation to this year’s contributors:

Gary Barwin (Canada), Jason Christie, (Canada), michèle provost (Canada), [ … ]

(De)Coding Beauty: a conversation/interview about concrete poetry with S. Cearley

In the latest offering for the AngelHousePress Essay Series, i talk to S. Cearley about his concrete poetry and influences. Included in the interview are four of his marvelous works. 

Please visit to read the interview and check out other contributions to the series, [ … ]

AngelHousePress presents

AngelHousePress is pleased to present 2016, a month-long exaltation of poetry that transcends boundaries. In the next 30 days, please visit the site for sound poetry, visual poetry, asemic writing and poetry from Argentina, Brazil, Canada, Finland, India, Italy, Romania, Tunisia, UK and USA.

Thanks to everyone who sent work for the celebration. I [ … ]