At Penn we are hiring in contemporary poetry/poetics

We at Penn are hiring a tenure-track assistant professor in contemporary poetry & poetics. The link to the job posting is here:

The text of the job ad is copied below.

- Al

Al Filreis

The English Department at Penn invites applications for a tenure-track position at the assistant professor rank in the field of contemporary poetry [ … ]

100th episode of PoemTalk—a retrospective

Today we are releasing PoemTalk episode #100—a retrospective discussion in which seven poet-critics (previous PoemTalkers themselves) each choose two episodes for further comment and reconsideration.

PoemTalk, begun in 2007, has been and continues to be a collaboration of PennSound, the Kelly Writers House, and the Center for Programs in Contemporary Writing (CPCW) at Penn—and [ … ]

new PoemTalk out now – Howe, Morris & Kuhl on W. Stevens

Today we are releasing episode 83 of the podcast series “PoemTalk”—a discussion of a late meta-poem by Wallace Stevens, “The Poem That Took the Place of a Mountain,” with Susan Howe, Dee Morris & Nancy Kuhl.

PoemTalk is cosponsored by PennSound, the Kelly Writers House and the Poetry Foundation. [ … ]

James Weldon Johnson recordings

Okay, exciting news. PennSound’s new James Weldon Johnson page. Yes, hear the recorded voice of James Weldon Johnson. This is possible because Chris Mustazza did the sleuthing, the research, the digitizing, the editorial pondering, and because our friends at Columbia University’s archive were helpful, and because the James Weldon Johnson estate wanted the recordings made [ … ]