This Sun. Boog’s NYC Small Presses Night at Sidewalk

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BoogCity’s 15th Annual

New York City Small Presses Night

This Sun. Dec. 10, 6:00 p.m. sharp, $5 suggested

Book sale—6:00 p.m.-6:30 p.m., 8:15 p.m.-8:30 p.m.

Sidewalk Café
94 Ave. A


Kaf Collective
Louffa Press
Marsh Hawk Press

and music from

This event is curated and hosted by Boog City editor David Kirschenbaum

This is our one event each season in our “d.a. levy lives: celebrating
renegade presses” series
where we honor NYC small presses.

Featuring readings from contributors to some of the city’s finest small presses
and with publications available from each of the presses.

**Kaf Collective, Miriam Atkin, co-founder
—Ariel Abrahams
—Miriam Atkin
—Tom Haviv

**Louffa Press, David Moscovich, founder
—readers TBD

**Marsh Hawk Press
—Jon Curley

Series curated and with an introduction by
Boog City editor David Kirschenbaum

Boog City 117, our New York City Small Presses Issue.

To Read the PDF Version Visit:

Published in conjunction with the above event,
it features pages put together by the participating three presses.

As well as your usual swell Boog City content:



Reimagining Exchange: Crystal Marys, Scary Topiary,
and the Performance of the Chapbook
Soham Patel with Robert Dewhurst and Feliz Lucia Molina


Bios for Presses, Readers, and Musical Act



Belle-Skinner aka Maria Brosgol is a singer-songwriter, guitarist, and
producer from New York. With a hauntingly beautiful, lilting soprano
and innate sense of melody she crafts tales of songbirds, sirens and
desert nomads – nuanced and layered stories which bridge the gap
between past and present. Though her influences cover a broad range of
genres – from French chansons and Russian folk to contemporary alt-pop
and rock – her voice often draws comparisons to the likes of Joni
Mitchell, Jeff Buckley, Joan Baez, and Angel Olsen.

In 2015 she was a finalist at the Telluride Troubadour Competition; a
showcasing songwriter on the main-stage at Rocky Mountain Folks
Festival in Lyons, CO; a semi-finalist in The 2015 Great American
Songwriting Contest; a finalist in July 2016’s SolarFest Songwriter
Showcase; and in August 2016 a showcasing artist at MusikFest, the
country’s largest free music festival.

In 2013 she was awarded a Maguire Fellowship to study music production
in London, where she recorded her first EP, titled Operator. Her
self-produced record, titled We Shut Our Eyes, was released in
November 2016. She currently lives in NYC.

“One of the brightest new songwriters to come along in years” -Custom Made Music

“A hidden treasure…Belle-Skinner reflects the deepest flaws and the
greatest beauties of human nature within her music, which is both
charming and chilling, and a simple joy to listen to.” -The Wild Honey

**Kaf Collective

Kaf curates work that moves towards and away from text, work that
places value on the space between words, letters, discourses,

Kaf means palm in Arabic, Cuneiform, Farsi, Hebrew, Phoenician, Urdu,
and many other languages. Kaf is the letter K in each. It signifies
touch, vulnerability, intimacy. The hand lifted before it is clenched.

Kaf shares its name with mount Qaf, the fabled goal of the Hoopoe and
its followers in the Sufi poem The Conference of the Birds. It is
half of Kafka, the Czech author of empirical impasse, cruel absurdity.
Like the Hoopoe and Kafka’s K., we travel by wandering, without
preconceived destination.

Kaf is an inquiry into the very possibility of itself, as well as a
sustained meditation on the political, geographic and cultural borders
that obscure this possibility.

Miriam Atkin ( is a writer and
performer based in New York City, and a co-founder of the Kaf
Collective. Her work has been largely concerned with the possibilities
of poetry as an oral medium in conversation with avant-garde film,
music, and dance. She is a Ph.D. candidate in English Literature at
CUNY Graduate Center and has taught writing at various CUNY campuses.
*Ariel Abrahams is a writer and experience designer. He organizes a
series of long, nighttime walks ( He
is in the process of composing an ever-expanding internet epic
( He is also the admin of Bilha Zilpah Reunion, a
weird listserv for religious exploration (

*Tom Haviv ( is an artist, writer, and
educator based in New York. A Flag of No Nation is his debut book of
poetry. His second book of poetry, Geneword, is being released by
Montez Press. Haviv’s work has been performed internationally, and it
has appeared in Fence, Conjunctions, and many other journals. He is
the co-founder of Kaf Collective.

**Louffa Press

Louffa Press was founded in 2010. Based in Morningside/Harlem, New
York City, Louffa Press is a micropress that focuses on printing
limited edition chapbooks using letterpress technology.

David Moscovich is the Romanian-American author of You Are Make Very
Important Bathtime (JEF Books, Chicago) and LIFE+70[Redacted], a print
version of the single most expensive literary e-book to ever be hacked
(Lit Fest Press). Recipient of fellowships from New York University,
Teachers & Writers Collaborative, and sponsorship from the New York
Foundation for the Arts, he holds an M.F.A. in Fiction from NYU and is
editor and publisher of Louffa Press, a micro-press dedicated to
printing innovative fiction in collectible, handprinted chapbooks. He
lives and works in New York City.

The mission behind Louffa Press is to foster a venue for limited
edition, collectible, handmade chapbooks and art books by a wide array
of authors and artists whose voices must be heard; to introduce new
and innovative flash fiction, short stories, poetry, and those forms
less easily classified; to put forth into the world precious artifacts
that embody in their physical form a meticulously tailored and
individualist aesthetic.
Authors and artists on Louffa Press or part of the Louffa Press
eXfoliation reading series past or present include: Steve Katz, Yuriy
Tarnawsky, Stacey Levine, Erika Anderson, Alexander Chee, Matvei
Yankelevich, Mike Topp, Vanessa Gabb, Shelly Oria, David Hoenigman,
Kawori Inbe, Onaka Shunsuke, Jeff Grunthaner, Edwin Alanis Garcia,
Vincent Czyz, David X. Wiggin, A.H. Jerriod Avant, Paco Marquez, The
Fug, Joseph Riippi, Joe Pan, Cecily Iddings, Dustin Luke Nelson, Neila
Mezynski, Amy Huffman, Michael Thomsen, Simona Blat, Amy Fusselman,
Beatriz Albuquerque, Matt Dojny, Munter Jack, Claudia Serea, Nicole
Sealey, Christine Reilly, Changming Yuan, Petre Bokor, AJ Atwater,
Robert Gibbons, Matthew Lansburgh, Jee Leong Koh, Steve Cannon, and

Louffa Press is a proud member of the Community of Literary Magazines
and Presses [CLMP].

**Marsh Hawk Press

Marsh Hawk Press was begun in 2001 at Cornelia Street Café. The press
founders, established mid-career poets and artists, wanted a press
that would exploit the relationships between poetry and the visual
arts. During the past sixteen years—which have featured regular book
launches and exhibits—the press has published more than 100 titles,
each sharing some version of this vision. Presently, new manuscripts
are read when submitted to the annual Marsh Hawk Press Poetry Prizes.

*Jon Curley is a poet and teacher. He is the author of the poetry
volumes New Shadows (2009), Angles of Incidents(2012), Hybrid Moments
(2015) and, most recently, Scorch Marks (2017). He also wrote Poets
and Partitions: Confronting Communal Identities in Northern Ireland
(2011) and co-edited The Poetry and Poetics of Michael Heller: A Nomad
Memory (2015). He teaches in the Humanities Department of the New
Jersey Institute of Technology


**Boog City
Boog City is a New York City-based small press now in its 27th year
and East Village community newspaper of the same name. It has put out
over 200 publications, including 35 volumes of poetry, various
magazines, and a newspaper, featuring work by Allen Ginsberg and
Lawrence Ferlinghetti among others, and theme issues on baseball,
women’s writing, and Louisville, Ky. It hosts and curates two regular
performance series—d.a. levy lives: celebrating renegade presses,
featuring a non-NYC small press, its writers, and a musical act; and
Classic Albums Live, where up to 13 local musical acts perform a
classic album live. Past albums have included Elvis Costello, My Aim
is True; Nirvana, Nevermind; Sleater-Kinney, Dig Me Out; and Liz
Phair, Exile in Guyville.


F/V to 2nd Ave., L to 1st Ave.
Venue is at E.6th St.


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