AngelHousePress Presents Experiment-O 10

I am pleased to present the 10th anniversary issue of Experiment-O with prose, visual poetry, poetry, and visual art by Cindy Deachman, Faizal Deen, Sanita Fejzic, Jesse Glass, Candace Makowichuk, Petrichor ArtLab, Stan Rogal, Julia Rose Sutherland, Jacqueline Valencia, Dawn Nelson Wardrope and Elaine Woo.
Thanks to the contributors to this issue and to all 107 in the past ten years. From 13 countries, artists, poets, fiction writers, visual poets, asemic writers, photographers, book artists, collagists and graphic comic creators and hybrid designers have pushed the boundaries of genre and helped us to celebrate the art of risk.

Issue 10 is dedicated to the late John Ashbery, who refused to compromise.

Please help us celebrate ten years of whimsy, connection and exploration by reading X ) 10 and sharing it with others.

Stay tuned for more!

yr fallen angel,
Amanda Earl


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