Call for Submissions: Container

Container invites submissions of original poetry, fiction, nonfiction and other text-based work of any length – ranging from a single piece to a full length manuscript – to develop into limited-quantity text objects and artist’s books (think: a poetry manuscript published on a fold-out map, a short story printed on a milk carton, a novel rolled into cigars and presented in a cigar box).

Instead of a traditional cover letter, submit a pitch letter telling us how you picture your text working outside of the traditional book context. In this letter, be sure to describe the intent of the project and how you see the text supporting the form/shape you’re pitching. Questions you might consider: What do you envision the final object looking? What materials should it incorporate? What process might we follow to create it? What design influences does it draw on? Your pitch letter can include images, feature hand-drawn sketches, link to mood boards or anything else that helps us understand your vision.

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