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Dear friends of AngelHousePress and DevilHouse,

Please scroll down to read about the latest editions to our catalogue: Afterlife by Jennifer K. Dick and 4pm in Los Angeles by Steven Storrie.

AngelHousePress presents our first bilingual chapbook, “Afterlife” by Jennifer K. Dick. Jennifer is an American writer, translator, editor and literary events organizer living in France. “Afterlife” is hymn and imagination, the white smudge after the pages burn. You will be mesmerized by the incantatory language, and fascinated with the shadowlight of Dibutade.

The echoing question of the mark that language leaves on us all and makes of us all is celebrated here in Dick’s lyrical recall of the invention of drawing, while her English/French parallel enacts the question of presentation vs representation in yet another way. The parts all come together in a marvelous tumult, endlessly breaking down and endlessly rebuilding. —Cole Swensen, author of On Walking On.

The ideal creator: Jennifer K Dick articulates the inventor/invented myth of Dibutade in delicate charcoal words that revel in the limits of language. -Lisa Pasold, author of Any Bright Horse.

Engager une réflexion sur le langage avec une intrication audacieuse – et rare -  de l’anglais et du français, au travers de la légende mythologique de Dibutade, voilà le projet poétique d’Afterlife. Dans une écriture kaléidoscopique, Jennifer K.Dick s’attache avec virtuosité à interroger ce qui fait trace et ce qui nous trace, nous forme, nous silhouettes humaines. Un livre tout en “point d’ombrelumière”. Virginie Poitrasson, auteure d’Il faut toujours garder en tête une formule magique.

Publisher: AngelHousePress

Limited Edition of 50 copies.
ISBN: 978-1-926786-13-1
Price: $10.00
Available via

DevilHouse’s latest offering is “4PM in Los Angeles” by former junk yard attendant, Steven Storrie, an American living in the UK. He runs the site “Black Coffee for Breakfast”  where he conducts bad ass interviews about the end of the world and crimes we wish we’d committed. Storrie is the spawn of Hunter S. Thompson and Henry Miller with a little Bukowski swimming around in his DNA.

A man quits his job from the sanctuary of a dingy bar. A soldier remembers a perfect summer while lost behind enemy lines. Some poor sap arrives to his interview smelling like a fish pond and a strange man watches his neighbours from a window with a chip in the glass. All of them are laced with bitterness, longing and regret. The nagging belief that it was better long ago, before all this, somewhere

4PM In Los Angeles is a collection of short stories for anyone unadapted to the horrors of modern life. It is for anyone lost and wandering alone. It is for anyone who ever loved a city and was cast out of it. It is for Monday morning Quarterbacks.

It is for anyone who knows that destruction does not always wait until after breakfast.

Publisher: DevilHouse
Limited Edition of 50 copies.

Price: $10.00
Available at

Both chapbooks will also be for sale and for perusal at the Ottawa Small Press Book Fair on Saturday, June 24, 2017 between noon and five pm at the Jack Purcell Centre in Ottawa, Room 203. Stop by, pick up a few chapbooks and an angel or devil button to grace your lapels or fedoras.

Thanks to our Spring 2017 authors for their devilish and angelic contributions.

yr fallen angel,
Amanda Earl


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