New Otoliths 45 Out with Rexroth writings, great literary works in a myriad of styles by fine writers, and “New Century Skeltonics for Jack Kerouac: a Ted Talk” by Jesse Glass

Otoliths 45 is live!  “New Century Skeltonics for Jack Kerouac: a Ted Talk”–with a new song from Shoulder-Holster’s “Empty For You–Shoulder-Holster Unplugged.” is a critique of the Beat Industry which continues to churn out ‘newly discovered’ Kerouac items that add little or nothing to this fine writer’s legacy.  The latest example is the Library of America’s volume of misc. Kerouac writing.  Shoulder-Holster sings of another industry entirely: that of modern studies, which continues to fascinate this writer, but also has its excesses when reduced to fit some university classrooms (and Ted Talks) of the 21st century.  The figure of Kerouac’s mother is based on the portraits given of her by Ann Charters, and writers of later biographies–with more than a bit of Skelton’s “Elynour Rummyng” thrown in.  I’m fascinated by the larger than life figures of American literary history–and the often mythic events associated with same, and like to go back and reconsider them.

Please do take a look at everyone in the issue:  grand work from Pam Brown, Eileen Tabios, and many others:  here’s the contents page–enjoy!


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