h&: J4, Bagato, Young, Button and Stuart

J4, Jeff Batago, Logan K. Young, Pearl Button and Rob Stuart have new work
in the newly-revamped h&, alongside work by hiromi suzuki, Andrew Topel,
sean burn, Texas Fontanella, Mark Young, Daniel Van Klei, derek beaulieu,
kevin mcpherson eckhoff, Amanda Earl, Robert Swereda, Ali Znaidi, Pearl
Pirie, Nico Vassilakis, Eileen R. Tabios, Rob Flint, Lawrence Upton,
Michael e. Casteels, Gary Barwin, Michael Basinski, a rawlings, Sheila E.
Murphy, Natalie Lauchlan, bruno neiva, Mark Young, Ken Hunt, Joel Chase,
Tony Rickaby, Robert Swereda and Chris Turnbull.


Currently seeking submissions of visual/concrete poetry for future posts.

The prior iteration of this journal was barely distributed, and might even
have been imaginary.


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