Three Pieces from ‘Nothing Epic: The Complete Gaha Noas Zorge (Babes of the Abyss)’ up at John Tranter’s Journal of Poetics Reserach, March Issue

As Jesse Glass states in the final part of the final section of the final form of the introduction:


‘Finally, I view the resulting

                            mixture of words

                         you now hold in your hand

as an apotropaic venture:

                                    by bending the infernal peat iron

                  of famous grimoires into prose poetry,

anagrams, prophecies and tokens,

                                  and braiding the language of the tree of death

into my aesthetic choices,

               I hope to render these ‘old walnutto songs’ (Alfred Starr Hamilton)

                               into something—well—

interesting, at least.’


Click here to see this.  Many other discoveries await the intrepid reader of the latest JPR!  Collings on Roy Fisher, Bilman on Geoffrey Hill,  Katz on David Meltzer,  Frost on Rachel Blau DuPlessis, A three part special on the Auckland 2012 Symposium,  and John Tranter on everything as revealed in his notebooks, as well as other goodies.




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