Scientistic Poem (Fun For Children)

a gentleman from New Haven, Ct., lately exhibited some educational games for children.

one of them, called the “fly leaf,” is done this way:

take a sheet of writing paper, cover it on one side w/ gum mucilage;

then catch a fly, turn the fly

over on its back, stick the back of the fly

on to the paper; then catch another fly,

& do likewise; put the flies close together, heads all one way;

keep on doing this till you get a sheet full; then turn

the paper over, & you’ll swear that paper is alive.

it will run all round the room.

when you’re tired of this sport, turn the paper

over and admire the movements of the flies’ legs.

it will be a perfect facsimile of grass swayed by a zephyr.


from The (Westminster, Md.) Democratic Advocate 4/19/1873.


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