Boog City 111 Now Online


The online pdf of Boog City, issue 111 is now available.

You can read it at:

Thanks to all of the contributors and subjects.

enjoy and Happy New Year from your friends at Boog City,

David Kirschenbaum, editor
Jeffrey Cyphers Wright, art
Joel Schlemowitz, film
Lynne DeSilva-Johnson, libraries
R. Brookes McKenzie, music
Buck Downs, poetry
Jaclyn Lovell, printed matter
Jackie Clark, small press


Boog City 111:


Tender Omnibus: Rebalancing the Cannon


Mono No Aware 10th Anniversary Event


Jeff Kirby :: A Builder of Homes for Books (and Readers) in Toronto


Rebecca Gaydos, Davy Knittle, Bruce Weber


Gurarie Challenges Truth With Poetry for Aliens


Approaching Poetry with a Visual Mind:
A Few Words with After Hours, Ltd.’s Eric Amling


Want to write a review, be reviewed, or be featured

in Boog’s art, film, music, printed matter, or small press sections?


art editor Jeffrey Cyphers Wright

film editor Joel Schlemowitz

libraries Lynne DeSilva-Johnson

music R. Brookes McKenzie

printed matter Jaclyn Lovell

small press editor Jackie Clark

Poetry Submission Guidelines:

Email subs to Buck Downs, poetry editor, to, with
no more than five poems, all in one attached file with “My Name
Submission” in the subject line and as the name of the file,

ie: Walt Whitman Submission.

David A. Kirschenbaum, editor and publisher
Boog City
3062 Brower Ave.
Oceanside, NY 11572
For event and publication information:
T: (212) 842-BOOG (2664)
Twitter: @boogcity
For music from Gilmore boys:
“To have great poets, there must be great audiences.” —Walt Whitman


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