AngelHousePress Presents Experiment-O, Issue 9.0

Experiment-O, Issue 9 features poetry, art, asemic writing and visual poetry from Argentina, Canada, Tunisia and USA:

You can also access the site & download the issue on your smart phones.

Thanks to the contributors: Sacha Archer, Dominic Boucher, J.C Bouchard, Joel Chace, Nathan Dueck, Carrie Hunter, Jenny MacBain-Stephens, J.F. Martel, Mado Reznik, Sarah Sarai, Louise P. Sloane, and Ali Znaidi.

Experiment-O is an annual PDF magazine established in 2008. Its aim is to bring attention to works that do what art is supposed to do and that is to risk.

AngelHousePress thanks the contributors & in advance, the readers & dedicates this ninth issue to those who “risk the self in order to give the self.” Quote is from Claudia Rankine in her introduction to Adrienne Rich’s Collected Poems: 1950 – 2012 (W.W. Norton & Company, New York, London, 2016).

Experiment-O will consider interviews, reviews, visual art, visual poetry, concrete poetry, poetry, prose, manifestos, maps, rants, blog entries, translations and other digital miscellany.

Please send creative works of merit to for consideration for future issues. only contributions that are possible in PDF form will be considered; responses will likely only occur if the work is accepted for publication. previously published work is considered. simultaneous submissions are fine too.

Experiment-O advocates a cormorant and lichen free environment.

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