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*The essential core of any project is to open. Open, open, open. Create a
state of total nakedness, an anima mundi, a connection with the world-soul
that is non-judgmental and quick to excite. It’s not always pleasant The
intelligible world, the world of the familiar, the world in which life is
predictable and we fee safe, is annihilated. We’re set loose, like
Rimbaud’s drunken boat, to be plunged into a state of “is-ness.” Unadorned

*So goes a passage in John Olson’s new book, In Advance of the Broken
Justy. *(Quale Press, 2016.)
*The objective of art is exactly like that of cosmology.* Its aim is to
conjecture about the contents and form of the universe. How that has been
accomplished in Spanish literature in the 17th century’s Baroque period and
the 20th century’s Neo-Baroque and how it has included methods
characterized as “distortion” is the subject of a book, newly translated
from its original Spanish into English and published by Palgrave McMillan.
The book is *Latin American Neo-Baroque: Senses of Distortion*
and the author is *Pablo
Baler*, Associate Professor of Latin-American Literature at Cal State L.A.
On Friday, October 14, 2016, I had the good fortune to interview Jeanne
Heuving about her new book: *The Transmutation of Love and Avant-Garde
she was writing about *Projective Verse*
was of great
interest to me and reading the book and getting her insights about specific
facets of this stance-toward-poem-making was invaluable.
When I attended *Colleen McElroy’s reading at the Columbia City Gallery*
April 8th, I was stunned by the precise imagery (delivered 75 years after
the events chronicled), the depth of disclosure and the complete lack of
sentimentality. I’ve said before that if they do it right, poets are at the
top of their game when they are 80 and this is proven quite true by
McElroy. My interview with her last night reinforced that thinking.
*Ed Varney is a Canadian poet, visual artist and curator who lives on
Vancouver Island.* I had the good fortune to interview him in August 2016
at his home near Cumberland, BC. I’ve waited until today to present this
interview because one of the reasons for my visit is now manifesting with
Ed’s help and that is a one day Cascadia Poetry Festival in Cumberland,
September 9, 2017. Chances are the “one day” event will expand into parts
of three days, but the down payment is in and one of the main people behind
the event will be Ed, a fascinating and modest man, fine poet and very
interesting visual artist.

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