Non-NYC Renegade Presses Ideas?

Hi everyone,

Boog recently kicked off our 14th season of our “d.a. levy lives:
celebrating renegade presses” series. I’m asking each of you for your
advice for possible non-NYC presses for this coming season.

I’ve included below the full list of the Non-NYC presses from the
first 13 seasons. With such a limited slate of dates, we must
especially continue to host only presses we have never featured
before. With any presses you suggest, if you could also include its
editor(s) and their email address(es).

Thanks in advance for your help and hoping you’re doing alright.

as ever,


**Non-NYC levy lives presses, 2003 to present

(locations are at the time of the event)

a+bend press (Davis, Calif.), Jill Stengel, ed.
above/ground press (Ottawa, Canada), Rob McLennan, ed.
Aerial Magazine/Edge Books (Washington, D.C.), Rod Smith, ed.
Ahadada Books (Burlington, Canada), Jesse Glass and Daniel Sendecki,
Ahsahta Press (Boise, Idaho), Janet Holmes, ed.
Alice James Books (Farmington, Maine), Peter Waldor, board president
Ambit/Furniture Press (Baltimore), Christophe Casamassima, ed.
Anchorite Editions (Albany, N.Y.), Chris Rizzo, ed.
Antennae (Chicago and Berlin), Jesse Seldess, ed.
Atelos Publishing Project (Berkeley, Calif.), Lyn Hejinian and Travis
Ortiz, eds.
Atticus Finch Chapbooks (Seattle), Michael Cross, ed.
bedfellows magazine (Philadelphia), eds. Alina Pleskova and Jackee
managing editor Laura Blagrave
Big Bell magazine / PUSH Books (San Francisco and NYC),
Russell Dillon, Jason Grabowski, and Jason Morris, eds.
Big Game Books (Washington, D.C.), Maureen Thorson, ed.
Big Lucks (Washington, D.C.), Mark Cugini, managing editor
Bird Dog (Seattle), Sarah Mangold, ed.
Black Ocean (Boston and Chicago), Janaka Stucky, ed.
Black Radish Books, Jill Stengel co-ed.
BlazeVOX Books (Kenmore, N.Y.), Geoffrey Gatza, ed.
Boaat Press (Amherst, Mass.)
BookThug (Toronto, Canada), Jay Millar, ed.
Braincase Press (Northampton, Mass.), Noah Eli Gordon, ed.
Brave Men Press (Northampton, Mass.), E. B. Goodale,
proprietor/art director and Brian Foley, poetry editor
Burning Deck Press (Providence, R.I.), 45th anniversary party,
Rosmarie and Keith Waldrop, eds.
Cannibal Books (Fayetteville, Ark.), Matt Henriksen, ed.
Carve (Cambridge, Mass.), Aaron Tieger, ed.
Chax Press (Tucson, Ariz.), 20th anniversary party, Charles Alexander,
Coconut Books (Atlanta), Bruce Covey, ed.
Combo (Providence, R.I.), Michael Magee, ed.
Conundrum (Chicago), Kerri Sonnenberg, ed.
Corollary Press (Philadelphia), Juliette Lee, ed.
Coven Press (Birmingham, Ala.; Los Angeles; Boston; Santa Barbara,
San Francisco; Normal, Ill.; Washington, D.C.), Jessica Smith,
founding ed.
Critical Documents/Plantarchy (Oxford, Ohio), Justin Katko, ed.
Cy Press (Cincinnati), Dana Ward, ed.
Dos Press (Maxwell, Texas), C.J. Martin and Julia Drescher, eds.
Ducky (Philadelphia), Scott Edward Anderson, Dennis DiClaudio, Tom
and Jason Toogood, eds.
Duration Press (San Rafael, Calif.), Jerrold Shiroma, ed.
Dusie Press (Switzerland), Susana Gardner, ed.
Ecopoetics (Lewiston, Maine), Jonathan Skinner, ed.
Effing Press (Austin, Texas), Scott Pierce, ed.
Eleven Eleven (San Francisco), Hugh Behm-Steinberg, faculty ed.
Factory Hollow Press (Hadley, Mass.), ed. asst. Jon Ruseski
Fewer & Further Press (Wendell, Mass.), Jess Mynes, ed.
Firewheel Editions/Sentence, a magazine (Danbury, Conn.),
Brian Clements, ed.
Flying Guillotine Press (Denver | Rosslyn, Va.),
Sommer Browning and Tony Mancus, co-editors
Forklift, Ohio (Cincinnati), Matt Hart, editor-in-chief
Gigantic Sequins (Philadelphia), Kimberly Southwick, ed.
Greying Ghost Press (Salem, Mass.), Carl Annarummo, ed.
Habenicht Press (San Francisco), David Hadbawnik, ed.
House Press (Chicago, Buffalo, New York City), Eric Gelsinger, founder.
Hyacinth Girl Press (Pittsburgh), Margaret Bashaar and Sarah Reck, co-
Instance Press (Boulder, Colo.; New York City; Oakland, Calif.),
Stacy Szymaszek, co-ed.
Interbirth Books (Dallas), Micah Robbins, ed.
Ixnay Press (Philadelphia), Chris and Jenn McCreary, eds.
Katalanché Press (Cambridge, Mass.), Michael Carr and Dorothea Lasky,
Kelsey Street Press (Berkeley, Calif.), 30th anniversary party,
Patricia Dienstfrey and Rena Rosenwasser, eds.
Kenning Editions (Berkeley, Calif.), Patrick Durgin, ed.
Lana Turner: A Journal of Poetry and Opinion (Santa Monica, Calif.),
Calvin Bedient and David Lau, eds.
lark books & writing studio (Oakland), Elizabeth Treadwell, ed.
Mad House Publications (Philadelphia), Philip Mittereder, editor-in-
Meritage Press (San Francisco/St. Helena, Calif.), Eileen Tabios, ed.
Minor/American (Durham, N.C.), Elise Ficarra and Kathryn Pringle, eds.
Mondo Bummer Books (San Francisco), Amy Berkowitz, ed.
Mooncalf Press (Philadelphia), CAConrad, ed.
Narrow House Recordings (Gwyn Oak, Md.), Justin Sirois, ed.
New American Writing (Mill Valley, Calif.),
Maxine Chernoff and Paul Hoover, eds.,
1913 Press (San Marcos, Calif.), Sandra Doller, founder and editrice
No Press (Calgary, Alberta, Canada), Derek Beaulieu, publisher
No Tell Books (Washington, D.C.), Reb Livingston, ed.
Nostrovia! (Hayward, Calif.; Tucson, Ariz.; On the Road, U.S.A.
Nous-zot (Syracuse, N.Y.), Marthe Reed, ed.
O Books (Oakland, Calif.), Leslie Scalapino, ed.
One Less Magazine (Williamsburg, Mass.),
Nikki Widner and David Gardner, eds.
Outside Voices (Brooklyn, N.Y.), Jessica Smith, ed.
P-QUEUE (Buffalo, N.Y.), Andre Rippeon, ed.
Palm Press (Long Beach, Calif.), Jane Sprague, ed.
Paper Kite Press (Kingston, Penn.),
Jennifer Hill-Kaucher and Dan Waber, eds.
Pavement Saw Press (Columbus, Ohio), David Baratier, ed.
Peaches and Bats (Portland, Ore.), Sam Lohmann, founder and editor
Poets Wear Prada (Hoboken, N.J.), Roxanne Hoffman, founder
Publishing Genius Press (Baltimore), Adam Robinson, ed.
Punch Press/damn the caesars (Buffalo, N.Y.), Richard Owens, ed.
Rope-A-Dope Press (South Boston), Robert daVies and
Mary Walker Graham, publishers/editors
Rye House Press (Rye, N.H.), Jeremiah Gould, ed.
Satellite Telephone (Buffalo), Robert Dewhurst, ed.
Saturnalia Books (Ardmore, Penn.), Henry Israeli, president.
Skanky Possum (Austin, Texas), Hoa Nguyen and Dale Smith, eds.
Spooky Girlfriend Press (Louisiana and Texas), Nate Logan, ed.
Station Hill of Barrytown (Barrytown, N.Y.), Sam Truitt, managing
Stockport Flats (Ithaca, N.Y.), Lori Moseman Anderson, ed.
subpress collective, Greg Fuchs, co-ed.
Talisman House Press (Jersey City, N.J.), Edward Foster, ed.
Talonbooks (Vancouver, Canada).
The Canary (Kemah, Texas), Joshua Edwards, Anthony Robinson, and
Nick Twemlow, eds.
The Owl Press (Woodacre, Calif.), Albert Flynn DeSilver, ed.
The Poker (Cambridge, Mass.), Dan Bouchard, ed.
The Tangent (Walla Walla, Wash.), Kaia Sand and Jules Boykoff, eds.
The Wandering Hermit Review (Buffalo, N.Y.), Steve Potter, ed.
3rd Bed (Lincoln, R.I.), Vincent Standley, ed.
Tougher Disguises (Oakland, Calif.), James Meetze, ed.
Tripwire (San Francisco), David Buuck, ed.
Turtleneck Press (Philadelphia), Brian Warfield, ed.
Wave Books (Seattle), Joshua Beckman, ed.

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