Touch the Donkey : eleventh issue,

The eleventh issue of Touch the Donkey (a small poetry journal) is now available,

with new poems by Buck Downs, lary timewell, Oana Avasilichioaei, Kemeny Babineau,
Ryan Murphy, Lea Graham, kevin martins mcpherson eckhoff, Norma Cole and Sandra Ridley.

Seven dollars (includes shipping). From now on, she’s smoking for two!

Copies of the first ten issues are still available. As are subscriptions!

And check out the blog for a slew of interviews with most of the contributors
of the first ten issues! watch for new interviews to be posted with a variety
of contributors to the eleventh issue over the coming weeks and months. What
might be coming next?

And check out our Facebook group!

Touch the Donkey. Everywhere you want to be.


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