NOON: journal of the short poem–new issue and call for submissions

For the latest issue of NOON: journal of the short poem, see:

The issue is available also in PDF via

Dean Brink, Helen Buckingham, David Burleigh, Markeith Chavous, Bill Cooper, Joseph Cooper, Cherie Hunter Day, Susan Diridoni, Laurie Duggan, Carrie Etter, Robert Farrell, Jane Frank, Bill Freind, Bob Heman, Kevin Heslop, Gary Hotham, Alan Ireland, Jim Kacian, Elmedin Kadric, John Levy, Marcus Liljedahl, Rebecca Lilly, Eve Luckring, Scott Metz, Michael Meyerhofer, Tristan Moss, Sheila E. Murphy, Peter Newton, Alistair Noon, Derek Owens, Christopher Patchel, John Phillips, Sophie Philips, Eric Rawson, Anna Reckin, Peter Robinson, Adam Rosenkranz, Agnes Eva Savich, Shloka Shankar, Robert Sheppard, Sandra Simpson, George Swede, Rick Tarquinio, Maurice Turcotte, Ian Willey, Mark Young, Peter Yovu.

The submissions deadline for the next (early Spring) issue is 31st January, 2017. See for more details.

Philip Rowland, editor
NOON: journal of the short poem


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