Abandoned Angel by Burt Kimmelman released today

*Abandoned Angel* by Burt Kimmelman

Published Today from Marsh Hawk Press

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From the back cover:

“By way of a precise and pared-down language these poems artfully render a

physical world while simultaneously serving as objects to be engaged for

the contemplation of such a world. The poet not only situates us in the

spaces of particular ‘Weather’ but also opens us to the poignancy of the

passage of time against the vibrations of various ‘Cities.’ And in the

latter case what might at first seem to be simple narrative progressions

can often startlingly make manifest deeply heartfelt human illuminations.

Kimmelman is obviously a master of his chosen strategies in both

cases.”—Hugh Seidman

“That every shadow of wonder can stand forth in the most familiar words is

the gift this poet offers his readers time and again.”—Susan Howe

“A strict & powerful accounting, leaving me… filled with admiration &

hooked on every word.”—Jerome Rothenberg

“A rare evocation… the wonder of this world in itself.”—Robert Creeley

“Form calls deeply to form, as though the works… lifted one to the very

brim of language.”—Michael Heller

“He finds what is luminously transcendent.”—Harvey Shapiro

“Artful, fastidious, learned… I am delighted by so much feeling for

style.”—Alfred Kazin

“Few contemporary poets so gracefully demonstrate classic notions of what

the practice of poetry must be.”—Madeline Tiger, *Jacket*

“Kimmelman creates himself through effacement, humility, and the expression

of the joy and terror of being alive… a testament to the idea that self

is not created by personal expression alone.”—Hasanthika Sirisena, *American

Book Review*

“Kimmelman’s poems attest to the simple majesties of being, the massive

implications of the everyday.”—Eric Hoffman, *Rain Taxi*

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