AngelHousePress presents “True Blue,” a rant by Louise P. Sloane

thanks to asemic / visual artist Louise P. Sloane for her rant, “True Blue”

“This painting “True Blue” was created using the text from the constitution of The United States of America up to the point where a president is sworn in. I made this in response to the Bush presidency. “True Blue” 2005. 80 x 72 x 1.5 inches. Acrylic Paints and Pastes on Wood Panel. Photo: D James Dee.”

Louise P. Sloane is a geometric abstract painter who uses writing as texture. She spent 7+ years transcribing Allen Ginsberg’s Collected Poems, 1947 – 1980 and transforming his writing into texture. Other paintings have secret codes imbedded, poetry by other writers and lately the stories of her late father. Her work appears in and is forthcoming in Experiment-O Issue 9.0.

You can find the rant, along with other essays via the link below:

yr fallen angel,
Amanda Earl


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