FW: Call for submissions to When All Else Fails: Motherhood in Precarious Times

Demeter PressSeeking submissions for an edited collection titled: When All Else Fails: Motherhood in Precarious TimesEditors: Dannielle Joy Davis, Anita Dolman, and Barbara Schwartz-BechetDeadline for essay and creative non-fiction abstracts, poetry and fiction submissions: October 1, 2016
When the infrastructure around us fails, when social supports wane, when [ … ]





1933 — 2016


A number of poets and artists gathered in the early afternoon of Saturday,
9 July 2016 at the hall of the Old Village Church on The Common in Newbury,
Vermont to participate in a ceremony to remember and celebrate the
uncompromising life and work of Ann McGarrell.

She was a [ … ]

Touch the Donkey supplement #58 : seven questions for Meredith Quartermain

NEWLY POSTED! TtD supplement #58 : seven questions for Meredith Quartermainhttp://touchthedonkey.blogspot.ca/2016/07/ttd-supplement-58-seven-questions-for.html
The tenth issue of Touch the Donkey (a small poetry journal) is still available, with new work by Meredith Quartermain, Mathew Timmons, Renée Sarojini Saklikar, Luke Kennard, Shane Rhodes and Amanda Earl. Over the next few weeks, watch for new interviews [ … ]

Tuesday poem #173 : Rita Wong

Tuesday poem #173 : Rita Wong : parables of the polluted
coming up: Kristina Drake, Sonnet L’Abbé + Montana Ray,

my interview with Soraya Peerbaye for the Ploughshares blog; http://blog.pshares.org/index.php/reconstructions-an-interview-with-soraya-peerbaye/

On Writing #101 : Daniel Zomparelli : On Writinghttp://ottawapoetry.blogspot.ca/2016/07/on-writing-101-daniel-zomparelli.html
and: the above/ground press summer sale!http://abovegroundpress.blogspot.ca/2016/07/aboveground-press-summer-sale-on-2016.html

an interview with soraya peerbaye

Starting this month, I’m a monthly blogger for American journal Ploughsharesthrough to the end of 2016. And my first post is now up! an interview withaward-winning Toronto poet Soraya Peerbaye, author of Tell: poems from a girlhood (Pedlar Press, 2015). You can read the interview here:
thanks, [ … ]

Chard deNiord


On Friday, 29 July 2016, as part of the Woodstock Literary Festival, “
BOOKSTOCK” in Woodstock, Vermont, Chard deNiord, the Poet Laureate of
Vermont, will give two presentations.

At 10:00 a.m., as a Poetry Workshop at the Woodstock History Center,
deNiord will present “All Things Counter, Original, Spare, Strange.”

And at 1:00 p.m., with the same subject, [ … ]

Queen Mob’s Teahouse : kaie kellough in correspondence with Eric Schmaltz

As my tenure as interviews editor at Queen Mob’s Teahousecontinues, the twelfth interview is now online: “overflow: poetry, performance, technology, ancestry”: kaie kellough in correspondence with Eric Schmaltz. Other interviews from my tenure include: an interview with poet, curator and art critic Gil McElroy, conducted by Ottawa poet Roland Prevost, an interview with Toronto poet [ … ]

New Mudlark: Anis Shivani

New and On View: Mudlark Poster No. 135 (2016)

from Confessions II
Poems by Anis Shivani

Anis Shivani’s debut book of poetry, My Tranquil War and Other Poems, has recently been published by NYQ Books. His second story collection, The Fifth Lash and Other Stories, is just out from C&R Press, and his novel Karachi Raj is forthcoming in October 2016. His other books [ … ]

Nerve Lantern Call for Submissions

Nerve Lantern is accepting submissions for issue 10.

Especially of interest:
Poets theater texts
Experimental plays in which poetry is key
Texts particularly performative on the page
Interviews of performance writers
Reviews of poets theater shows
Statements of performance writing poetics
Essays on performance writing

Deadline: October 1, 2016

Maximum 10 pages. Please include a message with a [ … ]

Tuesday poem #172 : Jennifer Baker

Tuesday poem #172 : Jennifer Baker : Usborne
coming up: Rita Wong, Kristina Drake + Sonnet L’Abbé,

also: On Writing #100 : Dale Smith : Scouts of the Interiorhttp://ottawapoetry.blogspot.ca/2016/07/on-writing-100-dale-smith.html
and: I’ve been posting lately to my Patreon patron-only blog:https://www.patreon.com/robmclennan

Touch the Donkey : tenth issue,

The tenth issue of Touch the Donkey (a small poetry journal) is now available, with new poems by Meredith Quartermain, Mathew Timmons, Renée Sarojini Saklikar, Luke Kennard, Shane Rhodes and Amanda Earl.
Seven dollars (includes shipping). If you want to throw out a box, you have to cut it up.http://touchthedonkey.blogspot.ca/2016/07/touch-donkey-tenth-issue.html
Copies of the [ … ]

On Writing #100 : Dale Smith

On Writing #100 : Dale Smith : Scouts of the Interior
coming up: Daniel Zomparelli, Karl Jirgens, Bruce Whiteman, Geoffrey Young,Molly Gaudry, Valerie Witte, Gina Myers + David Goldstein,
also: near-complete (but for the most recent) list of essays with links:

furthermore: recent offerings on dusie in the ‘Tuesday poem’ [ … ]

AngelHousePress Podcast, Episode 1

Announcing the AngelHousePress Podcast hosted by Amanda Earl & a.m. kozak
an hour-long conversation about (mostly) poetry in Canada & beyond

Amanda Earl writes poetry, fiction, and tumblr posts about sex, loneliness, art & mischief makers. She’s the managing editor of Bywords.ca and the fallen angel of AngelHousePress. More info can be found at AmandaEarl.com.

a.m. kozak [ … ]

The new ebook from Argotist Ebooks is “HUGH II The Istictiv” by Clive Fencott.

The new ebook from Argotist Ebooks is “HUGH II The Istictiv” by Clive Fencott.


“Hugh II, The Istictiv” is an epic, multi-voice poem in the form of the libretto to a text-sound opera. It is set in a Britain that could exist as another in the multiverse: there are many resemblances as well as dissemblances to [ … ]

CFW: #BlackArtMatters

Unlikely Stories Mark V is enthusiastically accepting submissions for a special issue:#BlackArtMattersWe are accepting submissions through August 15, 2016.

#BlackArtMatters will be a celebration of the incredible continuing contributions of Black artists to the global dialogue. We’re looking for poetry, spoken word (videos and audio), fiction, creative non-fiction, other forms of literature, music, sound art, short movies, [ … ]

new from above/ground press: 10 Poems, by Christian Bök

10 Poems
Christian Bök
Karawane, von Hugo Ball

jolifanta bambla o falli bambla
grossiga mpfa habla horem
egiga goramen
higo bloiko russula huju
hollaka hollala
anlogo bung
blago bung
blago bung
bosso fataka
u uu u
schampa wulla wussa olobo
hej tata gorem
eschige zunbada
wulubu ssubudu ulu wassubada
tumba bahumf
kusa gauma
bahumfpublished in [ … ]

Touch the Donkey supplement: new interviews with Cook, Turcot, Betts, Schmaltz, Zits, Sims and Collis

Anticipating the release next week of the tenth issue of Touch the Donkey (a small poetry journal), why not check out the interviews that have appeared over the past few weeks with contributors to the ninth issue:Sarah Cook, François Turcot, Gregory Betts, Eric Schmaltz, Paul Zits, Laura Sims and Stephen Collis.Interviews with contributors to the [ … ]