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Appetite and Creativity

SLSA (Society for Literature, Science and the Arts) Annual Conference

Atlanta, GA, November 3-6, 2016

In keeping with the conference theme of “Creativity,” this panel will think
about how appetite might instigate novelty. If ingestion transforms us on
multiple physical, emotional and cognitive levels, what can be said about
appetite? Broadly defining appetite as a destructively and/or productively
creative will toward difference, this panel will engage with the sciences
and humanities to consider some of the following questions: How does
appetite help us (re)think the organism’s relation to the environment? How
does appetite change our understanding of the metabolic? What is queer
about appetite? Does a desire to ingest present a particular opportunity
for strange and interesting scenes of rhetorical or performative relation
across species lines, or is it always destructive? What does appetite do to
our understanding of agency and power? How is appetite classed, raced and
gendered and to what extent does it produce divergent categories? Does it
disrupt the privileging of the ocular, to what effect? How does appetite
change in a time of ecological catastrophe, when the human “overeats” the

Interdisciplinary and experimental presentation forms and topics strongly

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