AngelHousePress Presents “Sum: World Maps” by Gil McElroy

“Sum: World Maps” by Gil McElroy

In “Sum: Word Maps,” Gil McElroy offers a systematic and creative form of (dis)organization of text into visual poems in analogy with living organisms in order to free text from meaning, metaphor and connotation.

Thanks to Gil for his essay. I invite you to send me your essays, rants, manifestos, interviews, reviews & anything you think might fit into this category. Or not fit. The pieces can be unpublished or previously published as long as you hold copyright. Take a look at the format of the essays & send me a PDF anytime. soon.

Also, a reminder that I’m still looking for poems, visual poems, collage vispo, asemic writing for, deadline February 28, 2016.

send me yr unruly poems:

yr fallen angel,
Amanda Earl


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