Interviewer needed to interview poet Andy Croft about poetic plagiarism

Interviewer needed to interview poet Andy Croft for The Argotist Online about his open-minded views on recent instances of poetic plagiarism by some British poets. This is a quote from his article ‘The Privatisation of Poetry’:

“The current moral panic over ‘plagiarism in poetry’ seems to derive from several overlapping elements – the post-Romantic privatisation of feeling and language, the fetishisation of ‘novelty’ in contemporary culture, half-hearted notions of intellectual property, the long-term consequences of Creative Writing moving from university adult education onto campus as an academic subject, the creation of a large pool of Creative Writing graduates competing for publication, jobs and prizes and the decline in the number of poetry publishers. If poetry is privatised, a personalised form of individual expression rather a means of public communication, then it needs to be policed by ideas of copyright, grammatical rules, unified spelling, critical standards and a canonical tradition.”

Ideally, the interviewer would critically examine Andy's overall position on this matter; an approach that Andy has agreed to for the interview.

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