Boog City Goes West 2017 Event & Issue

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New York City’s

Boog City Goes West 2017

Fri. Jan. 6, 7:00 p.m. sharp free

Alley Cat Gallery
3036 24th St.
San Francisco

featuring readings from

Elana Chavez
Ivy Johnson
David Kirschenbaum
Kate Robinson
Jamie Townsend

and music from

Yoko OK

And read Boog City 112,
w/ work on and by all the California performers:

For more info call [ … ]

Boog City 111 Now Online


The online pdf of Boog City, issue 111 is now available.

You can read it at:

Thanks to all of the contributors and subjects.

enjoy and Happy New Year from your friends at Boog City,

David Kirschenbaum, editor
Jeffrey Cyphers Wright, art
Joel Schlemowitz, film
Lynne DeSilva-Johnson, libraries
R. Brookes McKenzie, music
Buck Downs, poetry
Jaclyn Lovell, [ … ]

On Writing #119 : Lesley Buxton

On Writing #119 : Lesley Buxton : Talking to Myself

coming up: K.I. Press, Jennifer Baker + Sean Braune,

also: Tuesday poem #195 : Suzanne Zelazo

furthermore: above/ground press 2017 subscriptions still available!

Call for Work: The HOWL (Humanities Opposition World League)

Call for Work: The HOWL (Humanities Opposition World League) is an anti-fascist collective of artists and scholars; please see our manifesto at are seeking art, articles, poetry, flash, and other creative work for our website at Please send submissions to

Larissa Shmailo

Tuesday poem #195 : Suzanne Zelazo

Tuesday poem #195 : Suzanne Zelazo : Diviner

coming up: Aaron McCollough, Éireann Lorsung, Alexandra Oliver

also: On Writing #118 : Elee Kraljii Gardiner

furthermore: my first six posts at the Ploughshares blog!

and: seeking interviews/interview pitches over at Queen Mob’s Teahouse:

seeking interviews/interview pitches for queen mob’s teahouse:

For those unaware, I’ve been ‘interviews editor’ for Queen Mob’s Teahouse ( for a while now, and I am currently seeking interviews and/or interview pitches!

See a link to my interviews-to-date here (, including a small handful conducted by myself.

Please send! I would love to see more interviews with poets (but not [ … ]

Funding possibility


*Funding* possibilities for writers of innovative or postmodern or
experimental or avantgarde (etc.) work are few and far between !

I am pleased to announce the Plonsker Prize for emerging writers …

Submissions will be accepted beginning Sunday, 1 January 2017.

Resolve !

Prepare !

Regards to *all* !

Séamas Cain


The Hollow Crown



On Sunday, 11 December 2016 and Sunday, 18 December 2016, *PBS*, as a
“Great Performance,” broadcast the First Part and the Second Part of King
Henry VI on Masterpiece Theatre. The publicity for this production,
overseen by Rebecca Eaton for PBS, described it as a work by William
Shakespeare. Indeed, [ … ]

On Writing #118 : Elee Kraljii Gardiner

On Writing #118 : Elee Kraljii Gardiner : Essay on Inclusivity

coming up: Lesley Buxton, K.I. Press + Jennifer Baker,

also: Tuesday poem #194 : Barbara Langhorst

furthermore: Touch the Donkey: 7 questions w/ kevin mcpherson eckhoff:

alternately: i was interviewed recently on above/ground press, over at Entropy:

American Prophets

Poet interviews can now be heard online:

*The essential core of any project is to open. Open, open, open. Create a
state of total nakedness, an anima mundi, a connection with the world-soul
that is non-judgmental and quick to excite. It’s not always pleasant The
intelligible world, the world of the familiar, the world in [ … ]

The Small Machine Talks, Episode 6 – Interview with dalton derkson

Please tune in to episode 6 of The Small Machine Talks, a podcast that explores the poetry scene in Central Canada & beyond, hosted by Amanda Earl and a.m. kozak

in this episode Amanda interviews dalton derkson.

at the ClockTower Pub before his featured reading at the In/Words Reading Series on Wednesday, November 30, 2016 (25 minutes)


Click [ … ]

Tuesday poem #194 : Barbara Langhorst

Tuesday poem #194 : Barbara Langhorst : Dark Matter

coming up: Suzanne Zelazo, Aaron McCullough + Éireann Lorsung

also: Touch the Donkey: 7 questions for kevin mcpherson eckhoff

furthermore: The Calgary Renaissance (Chaudiere Books, 2016), eds. mclennan + beaulieu,

contributor interviews:

AngelHousePress Presents Experiment-O, Issue 9.0

Experiment-O, Issue 9 features poetry, art, asemic writing and visual poetry from Argentina, Canada, Tunisia and USA:

You can also access the site & download the issue on your smart phones.

Thanks to the contributors: Sacha Archer, Dominic Boucher, J.C Bouchard, Joel Chace, Nathan Dueck, Carrie Hunter, Jenny MacBain-Stephens, J.F. Martel, Mado Reznik, Sarah [ … ]

TtD supplement #68 : seven questions for kevin mcpherson eckhoff

NEWLY POSTED! TtD supplement #68 : seven questions for kevin mcpherson eckhoff

TtD supplement #67 : seven questions for Lea Graham

also: TtD supplement #66 : seven questions for Norma Cole

TtD supplement #65 : seven questions for Ryan Murphy

TtD supplement #64 : seven questions for Kemeny Babineau

TtD [ … ]

an interview w/ rob mclennan on above/ground press

I was interviewed recently on above/ground press for Entropy mag, as

part of their ongoing feature on small presses, which is now online:

can you believe the press is but three items away from an accumulated

800 publications? god sakes,

already preparing the first subscriber package for January: still time to

subscribe for 2017 titles! our twenty-fourth year:

On Writing #117 : Rusty Morrison

On Writing #117 : Rusty Morrison : Writing Nonetheless, Nonetheless Writing

coming up: Elee Kraljii Gardiner, Lesley Buxton + K.I. Press

also: rob mclennan interviewed on above/ground press at Entropy,

as part of their ‘small press’ series:

furthermore: Tuesday poem #193: Melissa Bull

New Mudlark: Christien Gholson

New and On View: Mudlark Flash No. 108 (2016)
Kill Floor: 
The Final Poems by Arthur Rimbaud
by Christien Gholson
Christien Gholson is the author of the novel, A Fish Trapped Inside the Wind (Parthian, 2011), and two books of poetry, All the Beautiful Dead (Bitter Oleander Press, 2016; Finalist for the New Mexico Book Award), and On the Side of [ … ]

Ploughshares : an interview with Rhonda Douglas, Poetry Editor, Arc Poetry Magazine

I’m a monthly blogger over at the Ploughshares blog! And my sixth post is now up: an interview with Poetry Editor Rhonda Douglas on Arc Poetry Magazine:

You can see links to all of my Ploughshares posts here:

including an interview with editor/publisher Leigh Nash on Invisible Publishing, an interview Cobourg, [ … ]

Tuesday poem #193 : Melissa Bull

Tuesday poem #193 : Melissa Bull : PROPS

coming up: Barbara Langhorst, Suzanne Zelazo + Alexandra Oliver,

also: my interview w/ Rhonda Douglas, Poetry Editor, Arc Poetry Magazine

is now up at the Ploughshares blog:

furthermore: Touch the Donkey: 7 questions for Lea Graham


TtD supplement #67 : seven questions for Lea [ … ]

New Mudlark: Laurence O’Dwyer

New and On View: Mudlark Poster No. 140 (2016)

Poems from Lapland
by Laurence O’Dwyer

Laurence O’Dwyer is a graduate of University College Cork and holds a PhD in paradigms of memory formation from Trinity College Dublin. In 2016 he won the Patrick Kavanagh Award for Poetry. He has also won a Hennessy New Irish Writing [ … ]

On Writing #116 : Laressa Dickey

On Writing #116 : Laressa Dickey : On Writing

coming up: Rusty Morrison, Elee Kraljii Gardiner + Lesley Buxton,

also: The Calgary Renaissance: recent interviews w/ contributors Jordan Scott,

Naomi K. Lewis, etc;

furthermore: Touch the Donkey: 7 questions for Lea Graham

subsequently: Tuesday poem #192 : Emily Abendroth,

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