jettison/collapse by Francesco Levato

jettison/collapse by Francesco Levato

AngelHousePress is pleased to present jettison/collapse by Francesco Levato, a mash-up of poetry, linguistics and critical/cultural theory. Imagine Ferdinand de Saussure colliding with Walt Whitman or Emily Dickinson in a fender bender with Benedetto Croce. The result is as delightful as peanut butter and chocolate, and ice cream in July. Levato’s mash-up results in heady imagery and quirky combinations. In this work, Levato offers readers an investigation into the noise of language, language as song and prayer, the body as minimal unit of meaning, the unreliable, traitorous I. The fallen angels adore Levato’s sense of play and innovative engagements with the living and the dead.

Publisher: AngelHousePress
Limited Edition of 50 copies.
ISBN: 9781926786087

find copies at the Ottawa Small Press Book Fair on Saturday or purchase via Paypal on the site:

stay tuned for the launch of’s issue 8 later this month.

yr fallen angel,
Amanda Earl


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