NOON: journal of the short poem

NOON 10 is now online: see
– with poems by Jim Kacian, Peter Hughes, Stephen Nelson, Dietmar Tauchner, Rebecca Lilly, Joel Chace, Brian Laidlaw, Helen Buckingham, David J. Kelly, Victoria Bean, Thomas March, Peter Robinson, John Levy, Bill Cooper, Gary Hotham, Jonathan Greene, Joseph Salvatore Aversano, Sheila E. Murphy, Michael Dylan Welch, Paul Bussan, Ruth Danon, Mark Harris, Christopher Mulrooney, Mark Brager, John Martone, John Parsons, Sandra Simpson, David Burleigh, Tristan Moss, Scott Terrill, John Vieira, Adam Soldofsky, Kevin Heslop, Stephanie Papa, William Cirocco, and Ted Mc Carthy.

Submissions for the next (early spring) issue are welcome.

Philip Rowland (ed.)
NOON: journal of the short poem


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