Word Space Multiplicities, The Inframergence, & Earlier Works

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I have three announcements of the availability of works:

Word Space Multiplicities, Openings, Andings: Collected Essays and Papers

in Digital Poetics, Hypertext, and New Media, edited by Sandy Baldwin,

published by Computing Literature, and distributed by West Virginia

University Press, brings together my collected prose going back to 1991.

The book is in two parts: Part I is essays and interviews, and Part II is

formal papers.

The book may be ordered on-line on-line from:

The Inframergence, a large poem written from 2007 – 2013, pieces of which

were presented as works in progress at various conferences (E-poetry and

ELO), is complete and available for download from www.inframergence.org at

the link above.

I have three titles, Intergrams, Diffractions through: Thirst weep ransack

(frailty) veer tide elegy, and The Barrier Frames: Finality Crystal Shunt

Curl Chant Quickening Giveaway Stare, from the period 1988 – 1996, which

were originally developed in Hypercard on Macintosh and then ported to

Windows using Oracle Media Objects; these works were originally published

by Eastgate Systems. All three are now reissued in multi-platform versions

for Linux, Macintosh, Windows, and other operating systems and are

available for download at the link above from www.inframergence.org.


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