Irish Poetry Blog Call for Contributions

The ten year old Irish Poetry Blog is taking contributions. Please email with poetry, prose and anything else at all.

I have had the blog since moving to Dublin in 2005, after gaining a BA in Writing Studies and Drama, in my home town’s Edge Hill University, Ormskirk, with Bob Cobbing’s obituarist, the London poet, Robert Sheppard.


We welcome unsolicited submissions of poems, articles and reviews, from Ireland and abroad, in Irish/Scottish Gaelic, Welsh and English.

We publish poetry and prose on anything at all from anywhere in the world.

We welcome discussion and do not pre-moderate comments.

Please send on Word documents, or in the body of an email, to:



Thanks very much


Her life within and without us, o lady mother and angelic love, may we all live long and never grow up, may we find Her will that leads us to truth when seeking a way thru the literary thickets and poetic woods, and over the stream-beds of faith only one in a thousand will get us across.




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