Chaudiere Books: some updates,

hiding out at the cottage this weekend, taking a short break from a rather
intense period of work, including on our three fall poetry titles! One of
which, Andy Weaver’s third collection, this,
was even a highlight as part of The 49th Shelf’s Fall Poetry

we’ve so many updates! Roland [ … ]

h& : Gary Barwin, J4, Rob Flint, Lawrence Upton and Sheila E. Murphy

Gary Barwin, J4, Rob Flint, Lawrence Upton and Sheila E. Murphy have new
work in the newly-revamped h&, alongside work by Robert Swereda, Natalie
Lauchlan, Amanda Earl, Eileen R. Tabios, a rawlings, bruno neiva, Mark
Young, Ken Hunt, and Joel Chase.

Currently seeking submissions of visual/concrete poetry for future posts.

The prior iteration of this [ … ]

Call for participation: Twitter-based, long-form collaborative poem

I’m interested in working on a series of collaborative, long-form poems using Twitter as a writing platform. As a constraint-based system (140 characters, one line at a time), Twitter lends itself to exquisite corpse-like compositions, and for this project I would like to extend that work to include appropriated language, chance operations, overwriting of each [ … ]

Tuesday poem #122 : Mary Austin Speaker,

Tuesday poem #122 : Mary Austin Speaker : two cowboy poems
coming up: Victor Coleman, Charles Bernstein + Jennifer K Dick

also: new above/ground press chapbooks by Elizabeth Robinson and Nicole Markotić