Peri-Unintelligible Complexities (((of Maxwell Clark)))

I know not how my more recent crops of essays became so exceedingly

unwieldy in their style, nor how so monstrously technical or

too-difficultly overworked. But it already seems quite assured to me that

they are so. Thus, however, instead of pruning back how over-burdened with

derailing flourishes these essays of mine have become, I, perhaps

altogether unintentionally at first, have rather gone on in my writing to

exacerbate their elephantine/labyrinthine stylistic faults. Perhaps, as

such, nearly no one will ever read any of these (thus rather “private”)

experimental pieces through with anything like the rigor that is requisite

of their least sufficient comprehension (however that might be judged?),

but, even so, know that they are in fact (very much too) tightly argued

and, indeed, even almost—if in the least comprehended at

all—endearingly persuasive documents.


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