h& : Lawrence Upton, Ken Hunt, Sheila E. Murphy, J4 and Joel Chase

Lawrence Upton, Ken Hunt, Sheila E. Murphy, J4 and Joel Chase have new work
in the newly-revamped h&, alongside work by a rawlings, Eileen R. Tabios,
bruno neiva, Amanda Earl, Mark Young and Gary Barwin.
Currently seeking submissions of visual/concrete poetry for future posts.
The prior iteration of this journal was barely [ … ]

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Boog City 101:

Welcome to Boog City 9 Festival Program

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This is our annual August festival. Here is the full event schedule:



Sat. July 25-Submit ad and make PayPal payment

Sat. Aug. 1-2,000 copies of physical issue distributed to Greenpoint,

Wm. Hawkins + N.W. Lea,

I’m sure you already know about tonight’s big event: our spring poetry launchfeaturing The Collected Poems of William Hawkins, ed. Cameron Ansteeand Understander by N.W. (formerly Nicholas) Lea, featuring an acoustic setby poet and musician Jesse Patrick Ferguson,http://www.chaudierebooks.blogspot.ca/2015/05/chaudiere-books-spring-2015-launch.html
we’ll even have copies of Lea’s first poetry collection, Everything is Movies (Chaudiere, 2007),on hand [ … ]

Textile Poetics Workshop in Chicago with Jill Magi, July 11th

Date: Saturday, July 11th, 2015
Time: 1-4 p.m. Central Time
Location: The Poetry Center of Chicago, 78 East Washington Street, Pedway East, Chicago IL 60602

The Poem Is Woven All Around: We live as weft threads: walking through landscapes over which we have both no control and over which we exert our influence. This is also [ … ]

Boog City 100!! Now Available


The online pdf of Boog City 100!! is now available. You can read it at:



Boog City 100

Ford Crull

Summer Screenings Around the Town

Cinematic Rock from The First Law

Austin Alexis
Patricia Carragon
James Harvey
Bob Heman
Bob McNeil
Hilary Sideris
Tantra Zawadi

The Fearlessness of Flying Guillotine Press

Vision, Risk, and [ … ]

NOON: journal of the short poem

The new issue of NOON: journal of the short poem is online, with poems by

Mark DuCharme, Barry Schwabsky, John Phillips, Boyer Rickel, Philip Rowland, John Levy, Cherie Hunter Day, Chris Beckett, Jeffrey Jullich, Jim Kacian, Paul Rossiter, Nick Ravo, Kit Kennedy, Peter Newton, Aidan Semmens, Wes Lee, Andy Fogle, Sabine Miller, Bob Heman, Erling Friis-Baastad, [ … ]

“[Poets] are Conscious…” Scientistic Song

[Poets] are conscious of many historical ironies: wooden

[poets] wooden

structures are preserved by burning: garbage

structures garbage

pits survive longer than temples &

pits &

palaces, & the decay of

palaces of 

metals leads to the

metals the 

preservation of

preservation [ … ]

Peri-Unintelligible Complexities (((of Maxwell Clark)))


I know not how my more recent crops of essays became so exceedingly

unwieldy in their style, nor how so monstrously technical or

too-difficultly overworked. But it already seems quite assured to me that

they are so. Thus, however, instead of pruning back how over-burdened with

derailing flourishes these essays of mine have become, I, perhaps

altogether [ … ]

UPDATE: Chaudiere Books Spring 2015 launch: William Hawkins + N.W. Lea

Chaudiere Books Spring 2015 launch: William Hawkins + N.W. Lea
with an acoustic set by special guest Jesse Patrick FergusonThe Collected Poems of William Hawkins
edited by Cameron Anstee

by N.W. Lea
lovingly hosted by Christine McNair
Thursday, June 18, 2015 : 8:00pm
Raw Sugar Cafe, 692 Somerset St W, Ottawa

UPDATE: due to ill health, [ … ]