Announcing a journal of translation

Jacataqua, “home” to an anthology of American poetry ( and French translations of Barrett Watten’s Plasma / Parallels / “X”, Lyn Hejinian’s Gesualdo and Ron Silliman’s Albany, is happy to announce publication of a pdf journal and shorter, bi-monthly, chapbook-like bulletins. The journal’s name changes every issue, Tom Clark style.

Issue #1 - Jongler 1 - was released in February. Issue #2 –  Jouer 1 - a poets theater special, will be released on the first of May. We’ve published bulletins by Ted Berrigan, Aram Saroyan, Kit Robinson, J.H. Prynne, Larry Eigner, Jean Day and Philip Whalen.

Should you want to receive these efforts as they appear – despite their being entirely in French – you need only send an email at the following address :

Subscription is free, but donations are possible, and helpful, via Paypal, through the address.

Submissions and suggestions are very welcome, for journal and bulletins both.

Issue #1′s table of contents follows.

Jongler 1

Gertrude Stein, George Washington

John Ashbery, 25 Multiple Choice Questions

Joseph Ceravolo, 
Sea Level

Robert Creeley, 
2 · 3 · 1 (from Presences)

Leslie Scalapino, 
A Sequence

Philip Whalen, 

Robert Grenier, 
20 Sentences

Barrett Watten, 

Larry Eigner, 
Lyn Hejinian, from The FatalistRon Silliman, Blue

Gertrude Stein, Sentences and paragraphs

A Blurb Anthology : Larry Eigner, Anselm Hollo, Charles Bernstein

Robert Creeley, Gone Fishing


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