Touch the Donkey : happy first birthday!

Touch the Donkey is one year old! For a limited time, five-issue subscriptions
will remain at twenty-five dollars, with forthcoming issues including new work
by a variety of authors, including (in no particular order) Kathryn MacLeod,
Suzanne Zelazo, Mary Kasimor, Edward Smallfield, Rob Manery, Elizabeth Robinson,
Jason Christie, Pete Smith, Jeffrey Jullich, Jennifer Krovonet, lary timewell,
Nathan Dueck, Paige Taggart, ryan fitzpatrick, Christine McNair, Lola Lemire Tostevin,
damian lopes, Shannon Maguire, Sarah Mangold, Amish Trivedi, D.G. Jones,
Aaron Tucker, Stan Rogal, Helen Hajnoczky, Deborah Poe and Jordan Abel.

Including, of course, interviews with a variety of contributors after the appearance
of their specific issues. How can you resist?

Touch the Donkey. You wouldn’t ask a handsome man like me to wear glasses.


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